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Daily Archives: February 19, 2014

Women in Science and Technology: What Does the Literature Say?

Inter-American Development Bank – Women in Science and Technology: What Does the Literature Say? Tacsir, Ezequiel; Grazzi, Matteo; Castillo, Rafael. Feb 2014

“Skill gaps are a key constraint to innovation, hindering productivity growth and economic development. In particular, shortages in the supply of trained professionals in disciplines related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) may weaken the innovation potential of a society. A wide gender gap has persisted over the years at all levels of STEM disciplines throughout the world. Although the participation of women in higher education has increased, they are still underrepresented. Latin America is no exception. The untapped potential of fully trained and credentialed women represents an important lost opportunity not only for women themselves but also for society as a whole. Although there is growing recognition of the importance of the issue in developing countries, Latin America faces a lack of information that prevents researchers from deepening the understanding of this phenomenon and policymakers from designing effective interventions. This note aims to contribute to the academic and policy debate in the region by reviewing the main factors put forward in the literature to explain gender inequalities in recruitment, retention, and promotion in STEM disciplines and by providing evidence of the scope and results of policies directed to obtain a better gender balance in the sector.”

New Report on Impact of Camp Lejeune Past Water Contamination

Evaluation of mortality among marines and navy personnel exposed to contaminated drinking water at USMC base camp Lejeune: a retrospective cohort study, Environmental Health 2014, 13:10 doi:10.1186/1476-069X-13-10 “Two drinking water systems at U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina were contaminated with solvents during 1950s-1985…There were 8,964 and 9,365 deaths respectively, in the Camp Lejeune and… Continue Reading

EIA – Syria Country Analysis Brief

Report – “Syria’s energy sector is in turmoil because of the ongoing hostilities between government and opposition forces. Syria’s oil and natural gas production has declined dramatically since March 2011 because of the conflict and because of the subsequent imposition of sanctions by the United States and European Union in particular. Syria’s energy sector is… Continue Reading

Who’s Borrowing Now? Change in Debt by Credit Score and Age Group

“The New York Fed’s Household Debt and Credit Report for 2013Q4 shows that net aggregate household borrowing has resumed, and our blog post discusses who is driving this change and how it compares with 2006. The charts here show contributions to changes in balances by borrower age and credit score (we use the Equifax Risk Score for these) for… Continue Reading

Minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee, January 28-29, 2014

“The Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Open Market Committee on Wednesday released the attached minutes of the Committee meeting held on January 28-29, 2014. The minutes for each regularly scheduled meeting of the Committee ordinarily are made available three weeks after the day of the policy decision and subsequently are published in the Board’s Annual… Continue Reading

Emerging Nations Embrace Internet, Mobile Technology

Pew Report – Cell Phones Nearly Ubiquitous in Many Countries – “In a remarkably short period of time, internet and mobile technology have become a part of everyday life for some in the emerging and developing world. Cell phones, in particular, are almost omnipresent in many nations. The internet has also made tremendous inroads, although most… Continue Reading

EFF – A Massive Expansion of Plate Data Collection

National License Plate Recognition Database: What It Is and Why It’s a Bad Idea: “…Automated License Plate Reader or ALPR cameras already scan and record the plates of millions of cars across the country. Law enforcement agencies in large metropolitan areas like Los Angeles and New York have databases of millions of plates—and these databases will only increase in size… Continue Reading

New GAO Reports – IRS’s Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program, Medicaid, Oil and Gas

IRS’S OFFSHORE VOLUNTARY DISCLOSURE PROGRAM: 2009 Participation by State and Location of Foreign Bank Accounts, GAO-14-265R: Published: Jan 6, 2014. Publicly Released: Feb 19, 2014. MEDICAID: Demographics and Service Usage of Certain High-Expenditure Beneficiaries, GAO-14-176: Published: Feb 19, 2014. Publicly Released: Feb 19, 2014. OIL AND GAS: Interior Has Begun to Address Hiring and Retention Challenges but Needs to Do More, GAO-14-205: Published: Jan… Continue Reading

The Slow Recovery of the Labor Market

CBO report, February 4, 2014: “The deep recession that began in December 2007, when the economy began to contract, and ended in June 2009, when the economy began to expand again, has had a lasting effect on the labor market. More than four and a half years after the end of the recession, employment has… Continue Reading

CRS – U.S. Farm Income

U.S. Farm Income, Randy Schnepf, Specialist in Agricultural Policy, December 3, 2013. “According to USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS), national net farm income – a key indicator of U.S. farm well-being – is forecast at a record $131 billion in 2013, up 15% from last year, and about $13 billion above 2011’s previous record. In addition to record net… Continue Reading