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Daily Archives: March 24, 2019

The Experimental Browser Extension has been Updated

In Custodia Legis – LC: “The experimental browser extension created by Syed Tanveer has been updated so the current legislation feature now defaults to the 116th Congress. Also, the drop-down menu can now search for text that you highlight in CRS Reports, the U.S. Code, and the eCFR. The browser extension does two things. First, if you highlight a citation to a bill on a webpage (ex. H.R.1), the browser extension will redirect you to the bill with that citation, in the current Congress, on In addition, you can use the extension to highlight text on a webpage and search for that text in  Just highlight some text, click the dome button in the top-right hand corner of your browser, and you can use the drop-down menu to search for that text in or in CRS Reports (a collection that now includes new content), the U.S. Code, or the eCFR.  For example, you might highlight “John McCain” on a webpage, click on the dome icon, and then choose “members” in the drop-down menu to search for Senator John McCain’s member profile page in…”

New Research Guide: Researching “Civil Law” Topics at the HLS Library

Et Seq. – The blog of the Harvard Law School Library – Jennifer Allison: “Over the last several months, I have been working on a research guide that, hopefully, will help bridge one of the gaps that researchers from civil law jurisdictions face when they do legal research in the United States. The guide, Researching “Civil… Continue Reading

Paper – I Lost My Job Over a Facebook Post – Was that Fair?

Mantouvalou, Virginia, ‘I Lost My Job Over a Facebook Post – Was that Fair?’ Discipline and Dismissal for Social Media Activity (October 31, 2018). 2019 International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations; Faculty of Laws University College London Law Research Paper No. 2/2018. Available at SSRN: “Is it fair to be dismissed… Continue Reading

Jumpstart Your Foreign, Comparative, and International Law Research

Via Lyonette Louis-Jacques – “Jumpstart is a resource compiled and maintained by the Electronic Research Interest Group of the American Association of Law Libraries Foreign, Comparative, and International Law Special Interest Section (FCIL-SIS). Jumpstart is a guide to getting started on researching FCIL topics for experienced legal information professionals or beginners. It is also a… Continue Reading

Present with captions in Google Slides

Google Blog: “…The closed captions feature is available when presenting in Google Slides. It uses your computer’s microphone to detect your spoken presentation, then transcribes—in real time—what you say as captions on the slides you’re presenting. When you begin presenting, click the “CC” button in the navigation box (or use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift… Continue Reading

Judicial Nomination Statistics and Analysis: U.S. District and Circuit Courts, 1977-2018, March 21, 2019

Judicial Nomination Statistics and Analysis: U.S. District and Circuit Courts, 1977-2018, March 21, 2019. “Under the Appointments Clause of the Constitution, the President and the Senate share responsibility for making appointments to the Supreme Court, as well as to various lower courts of the federal judiciary. While the President nominates persons to fill federal judgeships,… Continue Reading

The Quest to Acquire the Oldest, Most Expensive Book on the Planet

Literary Hub: “Unwrapping the Most Beautiful Gutenberg of Them All:”….Most scholars believe that Gutenberg produced about 180 copies, and among these, most likely 150 were printed on paper and 30 on animal skin known as vellum. The price of the book when it left the printer’s workshop was believed to be about thirty florins, equivalent… Continue Reading

NYT online Library hosts in-house documents so that they could be shared across the newsroom

The New York Times – We Built a Collaborative Documentation Site. Deploy Your Own With the Push of a Button. Library is searchable and renders content from Google Docs: “Maintaining useful documentation is hard. Whether it’s tips for running a program, publication guidelines or company rules, keeping track of resources can quickly become unwieldy. This is especially… Continue Reading

Announcing the Brookings House Oversight Tracker

Brookings: “When Democrats took control of the House of Representatives in January, they pledged that the transition would usher in a period of vigorous oversight of the executive branch. As Lawfare readers know, that effort has featured a number of high-profile hearings, including a House Committee on the Judiciary session with then-Acting Attorney General Matt… Continue Reading

An inside view of the people and work at New York Times printing plant in College Point, Queens

Times Insider explains who we are and what we do, and delivers behind-the-scenes insights into how our journalism comes together. “Christopher Payne, the industrial and architectural photographer whose last project for The Times Magazine’s Future of Work issue was about nine people who love their jobs, has made more than 40 trips over the last… Continue Reading