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Daily Archives: June 15, 2020

Here Are the 96 U.S. Cities Where Protesters Were Tear-Gassed

The New York Times – The introduction to this article consists of still photos taken by a range of photographers at protests around the country. The photographs document the 96 U.S. cities where protesters were tear-gased by police: “…Tear gas has long been used to disperse crowds during protests and riots, both nationally and internationally, despite being banned in warfare by the Chemical Weapons Convention. If used appropriately, it drives people to flee the gas, which irritates their eyes, skin and lungs without causing serious, long-term injuries in most. But in cases where law enforcement misuses the agent, it can cause debilitating injuries. Prolonged exposure or high doses can lead to permanent vision damage, asthma and other long-term injuries. Research increasingly shows tear gas and other weapons that have been deemed by law enforcement as being nonlethal can seriously injure and sometimes even kill. There’s also evidence that the use of tear gas could worsen the spread of coronavirus. Because tear gas is indiscriminate, it makes it hard for the police to limit the impact to the intended target, and some experts question whether its use was necessary in recent protests. “The use of escalated force by law enforcement, all that serves to do is increase violence, increase injuries,” said Jennifer Cobbina, professor at the Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice, who studies race-related protests. “The primary mission of a police officer is to keep the peace and to protect and serve.” The widespread use of tear gas has prompted pushback, with some lawmakers calling for a ban of its use in Massachusetts and New Orleans. Other cities, including Denver, Seattle, Portland and Dallas, have all temporarily banned police from using tear gas…”

Almost One in Four Adult Workers is Vulnerable to Severe Illness from COVID-19

KFF – “As states and employers continue to reopen businesses and public offices, important decisions are being made about how to keep workers safe from becoming infected with coronavirus at work or on their commutes to and from their homes. In addition, outbreaks of coronavirus at some businesses, such as food processing facilities and long-term… Continue Reading

Facebook now says it won’t even try to block 2020 election disinformation

PCWorld – “Can you trust what you read on Facebook? No. And why not? Because Facebook has now explicitly said that it will obey an executive order from President Trump and will refuse to fact-check misinformation and disinformation as American heads into the 2020 election. In April 2017, Facebook published a white paper that acknowledged… Continue Reading

How more lanes and more money equals more congestion

Transportation for America – “In an expensive effort to curb congestion in urban regions, we have overwhelmingly prioritized one strategy: we have spent decades and hundreds of billions of dollars widening and building new highways. We added 30,511 new freeway lane-miles of road in the largest 100 urbanized areas between 1993 and 2017, an increase… Continue Reading

11 ways covid-19 will alter travel

Washington Post – Masks, distance, dividers and price hikes: Industry insiders predict what the lingering impact of the coronavirus could be on the way we travel. “…Despite covid-19 continuing to claim lives, locations around the world are beginning to open again. More travelers are getting on planes. Airlines are reinstating routes. Countries and states have… Continue Reading

JSTOR – Expanded access to journals and primary sources during COVID19 crisis

Expanded free access for everyone through December 31, 2020 – “Supporting libraries during the COVID-19 crisis – JSTOR and our publishing partners are committed to serving the scholarly community during this challenging time. Together, we are providing our participating institutions with free access to journals and primary sources they do not already license through December 31,… Continue Reading

How You Can Kill Coronavirus in Your Car Without Damaging Interior Surfaces

Consumer Reports – How You Can Kill Coronavirus in Your Car Without Damaging Interior Surfaces – “As COVID-19 spreads, you’ve probably already learned the proper technique for washing your hands and which household cleaners can destroy a coronavirus. But what about the inside of your car? If you or someone else who has been in your car shows symptoms… Continue Reading

Supreme Court’s landmark LGBTQ rights decision summarized

Vox: “Bostock v. Clayton County, a landmark Supreme Court decision holding that federal law prohibits employment discrimination against LGBTQ workers, was a test of Justice Neil Gorsuch’s principles. He passed. Gorsuch is a vocal proponent of “textualism,” the belief that the meaning of a law turns on its words alone, not on the intentions of… Continue Reading