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Daily Archives: June 30, 2020

As libraries go digital, paper books still have a lot to offer us

Via LLRX – As libraries go digital, paper books still have a lot to offer usKsenya Kiebuzinski, University of Toronto Libraries, offers perspective on how librarians face challenges in maintaining traditional means of accessing and delivering information to our users while embracing innovative media. We appreciate the value of both analogue (print books, manuscripts, maps, globes) and digital resources like Google Maps, databases and digital archives. One format captures the history of institutions in general, and of libraries, in particular. The other allows for more equitable and experimental access. Yet, being an advocate for print can be a thankless task. For librarians in all sectors this article is a lessons learned to share with colleagues and decision makers.

COVID-19 State and Territory Action Tracker

National Governors Association – “This map shows the strategy for state and territory reopening for certain business sectors.” Includes sections on: Statewide Stay at Home Orders; Statewide Limits on Gatherings; Statewide Employee Travel Restrictions; Quarantine Orders for Interstate Travel; Statewide School Closures; Mask Requirements; Statewide Closure of Certain Business Spaces; and Reopening Task Forces. For… Continue Reading

Goldman Sachs says a national mask mandate could slash infections and save economy from a 5% hit

CNBC: “A federal face mask mandate would not only cut the daily growth rate of new confirmed cases of Covid-19, but could also save the U.S. economy from taking a 5% GDP hit in lieu of additional lockdowns, according to Goldman Sachs. Jan Hatzius, Goldman’s chief economist, said his team investigated the link between face… Continue Reading

Thousands of U.S. judges who broke laws or oaths remained on the bench

“…In the first comprehensive accounting of judicial misconduct nationally, Reuters reviewed 1,509 cases from the last dozen years – 2008 through 2019 – in which judges resigned, retired or were publicly disciplined following accusations of misconduct. In addition, reporters identified another 3,613 cases from 2008 through 2018 in which states disciplined wayward judges but kept hidden from… Continue Reading

House Democrats release the most detailed climate plan in US political history

“Plan Would Put Americans Back To Work, Save Lives, And Help the United States Reach Net Zero By 2050 – On Tuesday, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chair Kathy Castor (D-FL), members of the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis unveiled a comprehensive plan titled “Solving the Climate Crisis: The Congressional Action Plan for a Clean Energy… Continue Reading

Many Americans See Exaggeration, Conspiracy Theories and Partisanship in COVID-19 News

“As Americans continue to process a steady flow of information about the coronavirus outbreak – from changing infection and death rates to new testing protocols and evolving social distancing guidelines – they give the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other public health organizations the highest rating when it comes to getting the facts… Continue Reading

Public’s Mood Turns Grim; Trump Trails Biden on Most Personal Traits, Major Issues

New National Survey by Pew Research Center – Just 17% say they are ‘proud’ when thinking about state of the U.S. – “With less than five months until the 2020 elections, Americans are deeply unhappy with the state of the nation. As the United States simultaneously struggles with a pandemic, an economic recession and protests… Continue Reading

Picking Prosecutors

Carissa Byrne Hessick & Michael Morse, Picking Prosecutors, 105 Iowa L. Rev. 1537 (2020): “The United States imprisons its citizens at such a remarkable rate ––unprecedented in American history and without international parallel ––that critics have characterized the country as a carceral state. Despite its size, the “carceral state has been a largely invisible feature”… Continue Reading