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Daily Archives: November 21, 2023

Manifesto for posting online in 2023

Burn the old rule books. Keep warm by the fire. Sara Tasker – Me & Orla: [snipped]

  1. “Your time and attention are not public property. You get to spend them however you see fit.
  2. Just because somebody shouts loudly in your inbox does not mean that that they are entitled to be heard. Often, it is in fact a good indicator that they are not worth listening to.
  3. Refuse to tolerate passive aggression. I mean, it is literally a form of aggression. We shouldn’t even have to question this.
  4. Just because you have a ‘platform’ (a spurious notion to begin with – I mean, don’t even get me started) does not mean you owe your voice to whoever makes demands of it. You do not have to draw attention to every charitable cause and global disaster equally once you pass some magical follower threshold. You are not a news broadcast station with a team of 50. You are just a regular human being.
  5. Making a mistake does not mean you have to endure the criticism of strangers. Nope – not even if you f##ked things up big time. What can be gained, once you’ve understood your error, from bludgeoning yourself repeatedly over the head with the rage of random strangers? They are there for the drama, not for the growth.
  6. Refuse to outsource your opinion on all matters of the heart. Never trust anything more than yourself (or, when appropriate, a credentialed expert).
  7. Take feedback and criticism from those who love you, who see you and will always tell you the truth. Learn about your errors and grow, but feel free to do so in private. Your life is not performance art….”

PJ Harvey: Tiny Desk Concert

NPR: “Polly Harvey has inhabited many characters throughout her 30-year career and always dressed the part: catsuit-rocking glam queen, high-collared Victorian wraith, mini-skirted libertine, feather-adorned warrior. Bringing the story told in her latest album, I Inside the Old Year Dying to the Tiny Desk, she stands at the microphone in a draped dress the wintry… Continue Reading

Three-Dimensional Visualization of Legal Acts: Concept and Prototype

Täks, E., Kruuk, H., Draheim, D. (2023). Three-Dimensional Visualization of Legal Acts: Concept and Prototype. In: Dang, T.K., Küng, J., Chung, T.M. (eds) Future Data and Security Engineering. Big Data, Security and Privacy, Smart City and Industry 4.0 Applications. FDSE 2023. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 1925. Springer, Singapore. “Legal documents, including… Continue Reading

Recycling won’t solve the plastic problem. Here’s what will.

Sarah J. Morath is a professor of law and associate dean for international programs at Wake Forest University – The Hill: “There is no shortage of news about plastic’s ubiquity or its harms. Microplastics are in clouds, drinking water, playgrounds and our blood. Marine mammals are entangled in and ingest plastic at alarming rates. Plastic… Continue Reading

Education Department lists schools under investigation for ‘possible discrimination’ based on shared ancestry

The Hill: “The Department of Education released a list of higher education and K-12 institutions that are under investigation for alleged shared ancestry violations Thursday as part of the Biden administration’s effort to address reports of rising discrimination in schools. “Hate has no place in our schools, period. When students are targeted because they are–or… Continue Reading

Access the Digital Stacks On-Site at the Library of Congress

Library of Congress video – “Did you know at the Library of Congress, you can access rights-restricted items, such as books, e-journals, newspapers, maps and films, through the on-site digital stacks? In this step-by-step video, we will show you how you can expand your access to the incredible resources at the Library, by accessing the… Continue Reading

Texas board rejects many science textbooks over climate change messaging

The Texas Tribune: “A Republican-controlled Texas State Board of Education on Friday rejected seven of 12 proposed science textbooks for eighth graders that for the first time will require them to include information on climate change. The 15-member board largely rejected the books either because they included policy solutions for climate change or because they… Continue Reading