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Daily Archives: March 5, 2024

Digital archives: a time machine for the web

Internet Archive Blogs: “In the summer of 2023, the New York Times ran an article titled “Ways You Can Still Cancel Your Federal Student Loan Debt.” The article outlined six ways to cancel student debt, with the final being: Death This is not something that most people would choose as a solution to their debt burden.” At least that was the sixth reason until the New York Times revised it with a stealth edit. When you read the article today, choosing death as a solution to a debt burden has been replaced, but there’s no mention that this article was revised. The timestamp is still the day it was originally published. If not for Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, this discrepancy wouldn’t have been caught. The Wayback Machine is a digital archive of the internet, and as such, it captured multiple previous versions. The internet is constantly being revised in ways that allow history to be rewritten and a shared sense of truth to be questioned. With AI-generated disinformation, the potential to exert control over the future by rewriting the past has never been greater. This week we’re exploring how digital archives are crucial in developing a record of truth in an ever-changing web…”

Free COVID-19 test program to be suspended for now

The Hill: “The federal government’s free at-home COVID-19 test program will be suspended beginning Friday in response to a drop in respiratory diseases. The Biden administration brought back the free test program last year ahead of the respiratory viral season. By going to, households could order a free pack of four at-home COVID-19 tests.… Continue Reading

The Legal Research Landscape: From Abridgements to AI

Eastland, Craig, The Legal Research Landscape: From Abridgements to AI (February 10, 2024). Northeastern University School of Law Research Paper Forthcoming, Available at SSRN: or  – “The landscape of legal research has become a bit bewildering. Fifty years ago, there was one way to do legal research, but competition and computers have created… Continue Reading

Researchers Warn Arctic Ocean could be ‘ice-free’ within the decade

Los Angeles Times: “The loss of Arctic sea ice has long been a graphic measure of human-caused climate change, with wrenching images of suffering polar bears illustrating a worsening planetary crisis. Now, new research has found that Arctic Ocean sea ice is shrinking even faster than previously thought — and that the Arctic may start… Continue Reading

How much money has each country spent, each year, on its military?

Data is Plural: “Different datasets have different answers, cover different timeframes, and use different methodologies. Miriam Barnum et al.’s Global Military Spending Dataset attempts to bring them together. By uniting “76 variables from 9 dataset collection projects,” the authors write, “we provide the most comprehensive and complete set of published datasets on military spending ever… Continue Reading

Almost 500 Etchings by Rembrandt Now Free Online

Open Culture – Courtesy of the Morgan Library & Museum: “Seventeenth-century Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn may have more name recognition than nearly any other European artist, his popularity due in large part to what art historian Alison McQueen identifies in her book of the same name as “the rise of the cult of Rembrandt.”… Continue Reading

Amicus Lobbying: Friends of the Court or Friends of the Industry?

Bunting, William and Stein, Tomer, Amicus Lobbying: Friends of the Court or Friends of the Industry? (January 29, 2024). Available at SSRN: or  – “This Article reveals that lobbying has a vast and outsized impact on the development of judge-made business law. Lobby groups have taken control of the amicus curiae filing process… Continue Reading

Recycling robot is saving millions of bottles from the landfill

Fast Company: “If you throw a plastic water bottle or yogurt cup in a recycling bin, it might not necessarily be recycled.Inside sprawling warehouses that the industry calls “MRFs” or materials recovery facilities, machines and workers often sort through hundreds of tons of waste a day. The process is imperfect, and valuable recyclables can often… Continue Reading

FTC Cracks Down on Mass Data Collectors: A Closer Look at Avast, X-Mode, InMarket

“Three recent FTC enforcement actions reflect a heightened focus on pervasive extraction and mishandling of consumers’ sensitive personal data. Proposed Settlements with Avast X-Mode and InMarket. In mid February, the FTC announced a proposed settlement to resolve allegations that Avast, a security software company, unfairly sold consumers’ granular and re-identifiable browsing information—information that Avast amassed… Continue Reading