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Daily Archives: March 20, 2024

Keep Up With Claude 3: It Reads and Analyzes So You Don’t Have To!

Via LLRXKeep Up With Claude 3: It Reads and Analyzes So You Don’t Have To! – Discover the power of Claude 3, the AI-powered news analyst that can help you stay on top of the news without spending hours sifting through articles and podcasts. Sarah Gotschall recently put Claude 3 to the test by asking it to analyze the controversy surrounding Fani Willis and her prosecution of Donald Trump, and the results were impressive – a comprehensive summary, detailed timeline, and categorized evidence, all in just a matter of minutes. Gotschall says Claude 3 is definitely worth checking out at just $20 a month for access to the most intelligent Opus model.

Who Has the Most Accurate Forecast for Your Location?

“Get a 5-day forecast and accuracy analysis for any US ZIP code or city. Forecast accuracy information [search by zip code or city/state]: ForecastAdvisor will show you the accuracy of the major weather forecasters, including Accuweather, AerisWeather, Foreca, the National Weather Service, Open Weathermap, The Weather Channel, Weather Underground, Wetter, World Weather Online, and Weather… Continue Reading

TikTokSpreads Misinformation 20 Percent of the Time and Is Banned in China

NewsGuard Reality Check: “The debate in Washington about what to do about TikTok is not about hypothetical harms. NewsGuard research over the years has shone a harsh light on TikTok as a misinformation superspreader. In one report, NewsGuard analysts mimicked how TikTok users interact with the video platform by analyzing 540 TikTok results based on… Continue Reading

Real-world CO2 emissions of cars and vans

Data is Plural. Real-world vehicle emissions. “On Monday, the European Commission published its first report analyzing the real-world CO2 emissions of cars and vans, based on fuel consumption monitoring devices that the EU now requires. The report uses data received from 600,000+ vehicles. That sample is available to download, along with metrics aggregated by manufacturer… Continue Reading

This simple machine turns glass bottles into sand

Fast Company. Glass recycling rates in the U.S. are abysmal. Finding non-traditional solutions—like Cynthia Andela’s glass crushing machines—could help. According to The Recycling Partnership, whole swaths of the U.S. don’t have glass bottle recycling, including regions of the Southeast and the Great Plains. A new report by the NGO states that the glass recycling rate… Continue Reading

Human trafficking

Data is Plural – Human trafficking. The Counter-Trafficking Data Collaborative’s Global Synthetic Dataset uses differential privacy techniques to represent “over 206,000 victims and survivors of trafficking identified across 190 countries and territories from 2002 to 2022.” The approach, developed in partnership with Microsoft Research, converts anonymized case records into “a new dataset in which records… Continue Reading

Aviation waypoints

Data is Plural: “Aviation waypoints. For his recent exploration of the FAA’s aviation maps, Beautiful Public Data’s Jon Keegan has turned the agency’s list of 67,000+ navigation waypoints into a downloadable dataset. “Often these waypoint names will reflect the culture, food or sports teams of the city they are near,” Keegan writes. “Off the coast… Continue Reading

Users ditch Glassdoor, stunned by site adding real names without consent

Ars Technica: “Glassdoor, where employees go to leave anonymous reviews of employers, has recently begun adding real names to user profiles without users’ consent, a Glassdoor user named Monica was shocked to discover last week. “Time to delete your Glassdoor account and data,” Monica, a Midwest-based software professional, warned other Glassdoor users in a blog.… Continue Reading