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Monthly Archives: March 2024

Failing at Change

Above and Beyond KM, Mary Abraham – LTA’s 2024 Catalyst Conference focused on leading change. “We live in a world of near-constant change yet most organizational change initiatives fail. Why aren’t we better at this? (This is Part 1 of a series catalyzed by ILTA’s Catalyst Conference.)…Over my next few posts, I want to unpack… Continue Reading

Key Ocean Current Contains a Warning on Climate

Nature – Five million years of Antarctic Circumpolar Current strength variability – Via Scientific Frontline:”It carries more than 100 times as much water as all the world’s rivers combined. It reaches from the ocean’s surface to its bottom, and measures as much as 2,000 kilometers across. It connects the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and… Continue Reading

Gaza Fatality Data Has Become Completely Unreliable

“Given the discrepancies in official Palestinian counts and their growing reliance on questionable data from media reports, the credibility gaps revealed by a previous Washington Institute study have become yawning chasms. Heated debates over the Palestinian death toll in the Hamas-Israel war tend to focus on the fact that widely cited fatality numbers make no… Continue Reading

Treasury Releases Report on Managing AI Specific Cybersecurity Risks in Financial Sector

“The U.S. Department of the Treasury released a report on Managing Artificial Intelligence-Specific Cybersecurity Risks in the Financial Services Sector. The report was written at the direction of Presidential Executive Order 14110 on the Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence. Treasury’s Office of Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection (OCCIP) led the… Continue Reading

wallstreet local

“Thousands of filings from the world’s biggest investors.Wall Street’s stock portfolio, for free via wallstreet local. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) keeps record of every company in the United States. Companies whose holdings surpass $100 million though, are required to file a special type of form: the 13F form. This form, filed quarterly, discloses… Continue Reading

The changing face of protest

Rest of World: “…Over the past decade, there has been a steep rise globally in law enforcement using facial recognition technology. Data gathered by Steven Feldstein, a researcher with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, found that government agencies in 78 countries now use public facial recognition systems. The public is often supportive of the… Continue Reading

2024 Edelman Trust Barometer

“The 2024 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals a new paradox at the heart of society. Rapid innovation offers the promise of a new era of prosperity, but instead risks exacerbating trust issues, leading to further societal instability and political polarization. In a year where half the global population can vote in new leaders, the acceptance of… Continue Reading

OMB Issues First Governmentwide AI Risk Mitigation Rules

Gov Info Security: “A memo from the Office of Management and Budget requires agencies to designate chief AI officers and establish AI governance boards to coordinate and govern the use of the emerging technology across the organization. Agencies should also add more detail to annual reports about which AI tools they use and release government-owned… Continue Reading

How Trump Moved Money to Pay $100 Million in Legal Bills

The New York Times:”Since leaving office in 2021, former President Donald J. Trump has spent more than $100 million on lawyers and other costs related to fending off various investigations, indictments and his coming criminal trials, according to a New York Times review of federal records. The remarkable sum means that Mr. Trump has averaged… Continue Reading