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St. Louis Fed’s FRED – New Features

Katrina Stierholz – Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis: “In the last few months, many new data series have been added to FRED.  The OECD’s Main Economic Indicators are now on FRED, the latest Penn World Tables, more retail trade data.  FRED now has 148,000 series from 59 sources and allows users to easily download and chart data from many different sources. API now supports JSON and tags. In addition, two new features have been added to our API (a web service that allows developers to write programs that retrieve economic data). First, we have added tag requests to the API.  All FRED series are assigned tags, and adding this will allow more options for API users to search and subset results. Second, all API requests can now output to JavaScript Object Notation, in addition to the XML output.  To see an example of an external developer using JSON, here is a link to something called Data Docs, which has developed a video that incorporates the API for up-to-date data in the video output (the video is here.)”

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