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A Guide to the Best Fonts for Legal Documents

Clio, Carissa Tham – “Why do legal fonts matter? After all, you’ve worked hard to become a lawyer—not a designer. But did you know that the best legal fonts can better engage your audience, communicate more effectively, and impact how others perceive your law firm’s brand? Also, some courts have outlined the fonts that they accept, which lawyers need to follow. Lawyers spend a vast amount of time drafting legal briefs, memos, court documents, and more every day. Paying attention to how the words look will help your legal writing stand out and persuade your reader better. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why legal fonts matter in legal documents, and the best fonts and font sizes to use in legal documents and your law firm’s website. We’ll also include some tidbits on how understanding the difference between serif and sans serif fonts can help you select the right font…”

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