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CRS – Executive Branch Reorganization

Executive Branch Reorganization, August 3, 2017 R44909 “The federal bureaucracy of the present day is the product of more than two centuries of legislative and administrative actions by successive generations of elected and appointed officials. As such, the diverse organizations and processes of the federal government are a consequence of the influence and decisions of… Continue Reading

FOIA request yields DOJ opinions blocking appointment of presidential relatives

Politico: “…The Justice Department has released a series of recently overruled legal memos concluding that presidents cannot appoint their relatives to the White House staff or presidential commissions, even to unpaid posts. In January, a career Justice Department official essentially declared the earlier opinions erroneous or obsolete, clearing the way for President Donald Trump’s son-in-law,… Continue Reading

How the House and Senate Budgets Stack Up

Committee for Responsible Federal Budget – How the House and Senate Budgets Stack Up: With the release of the Senate budget resolution, we now have the two Congressional budgets that will set up the budget process for the rest of the fiscal year. There are many similarities between the two budgets but also key differences… Continue Reading

New Website Shows IGs Found More Than $25B in Potential Cost Savings in FY 2017

“ was created by the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE) to consolidate in one place all public reports from Federal Inspectors General (IGs) in order to improve the public’s access to independent and authoritative information about the Federal Government. The site includes a publicly accessible, text searchable repository of reports… Continue Reading

GPO Launches New Federal Bookstore Website

“The U.S. Government Publishing Office’s (GPO) launches a newly designed, user-friendly U.S. Government Online Bookstore. The site features a simple, mobile-friendly navigation that connects the user to more than four thousand titles on topics from the Federal Government. GPO started making Government publications available for sale in the 1920s with a retail bookstore and… Continue Reading

Corporate Tax Reform: Issues for Congress

CRS report via FAS – Corporate Tax Reform: Issues for Congress, Jane G. Gravelle, Senior Specialist in Economic Policy. September 22, 2017. “Interest in corporate tax reform that lowers the rate and broadens the base has developed in the past several years. Some discussions by economists in opinion pieces have suggested there is an urgent… Continue Reading

Overview of the Federal Government’s Power to Exclude Aliens

CRS report via FAS – Overview of the Federal Government’s Power to Exclude Aliens, Ben Harrington, Legislative Attorney. September 27, 2017. “The Supreme Court has determined that inherent principles of sovereignty give Congress“ plenary power” to regulate immigration. The core of this power—the part that has proven most impervious to judicial review—is the authority to… Continue Reading

Paper – Information access and information literacy under siege

Information access and information literacy under siege: The potentially devastating effects of the proposed 2017. White House budget on already-marginalized populations in the United States. Courtney Lawrence Douglass, Ursula Gorham, Renee F. Hill, Kelly M. Hoffman, Paul T. Jaeger, Gagan Jindal, Beth St. Jean. First Monday, Volume 22, Number 10 – 2 October 2017. “This… Continue Reading

Who Regulates Whom? An Overview of the U.S. Financial Regulatory Framework

CRS – Who Regulates Whom? An Overview of the U.S. Financial Regulatory Framework, August 17. 2017. “The financial regulatory system has been described as fragmented, with multiple overlapping regulators and a dual state-federal regulatory system. The system evolved piecemeal, punctuated by major changes in response to various historical financial crises. The most recent financial crisis… Continue Reading

Select Demographic and Other Characteristics of Recent U.S. Circuit and District Court Nominees

CRS Insight, August 17, 2017: “This Insight provides information related to select demographic and other characteristics of U.S. circuit and district court nominees whose nominations were submitted to the Senate by President Trump prior to August 1, 2017. President Trump submitted a total of 26 nominations prior to this date. The select demographic and other… Continue Reading

OECD – Entrepreneurship at a Glance

Entrepreneurship at a Glance 2017. OECD, 28 Sep 2017. “The publication is produced by the OECD-Eurostat Entrepreneurship Indicators Programme based on official statistics. The 2017 edition features a new trends chapter, which also introduces recent developments related to the emergence of the “gig economy” and the use of digital tools by micro-enterprises.” Continue Reading

Census Bureau Releases Statistics of U.S. Businesses

[September 29, 2017] “the U.S. Census Bureau released the 2015 Statistics of U.S. Businesses data tables by establishment industry. This release includes single-year estimates of the number of firms, number of establishments, employment and annual payroll. Data are presented by state, industry and enterprise employment size.” Continue Reading