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Results of Review of Use of Dark Patterns Affecting Subscription Services, Privacy

“The Federal Trade Commission and two international consumer protection networks announced the results of a review of selected websites and apps that showed a large percentage of the websites and mobile apps examined may use dark patterns, digital design techniques that may manipulate consumers into buying products or services or giving up their privacy. These… Continue Reading

Insurers Pocketed $50 Billion From Medicare for Diseases No Doctor Treated

WSJ via MSN: “…Insurer-driven diagnoses by UnitedHealth for diseases that no doctor treated generated $8.7 billion in 2021 payments to the company, the Journal’s analysis showed. UnitedHealth’s net income that year was about $17 billion. UnitedHealth’s Wiggin said the Journal’s calculations appear accurate. He said the added payments are “not simply earnings for the company,”… Continue Reading

What the internet looked like in 1994, according to 15 webpages born that year

Fast Company: “What was the World Wide Web like at the start? Long before it became the place we think and work and talk, the air that we (and the bots) now breathe, no matter how polluted it’s become? So much of the old web has rotted away that it can be hard to say;… Continue Reading

Wildlife Protections Take a Back Seat to SpaceX’s Ambitions

“A New York Times investigation found that Elon Musk exploited federal agencies’ [no paywall] competing missions to achieve his goals for space travel. As Elon Musk’s Starship — the largest rocket ever manufactured — successfully blasted toward the sky last month, the launch was hailed as a giant leap for SpaceX and the United States’… Continue Reading

FDA Pulls Food Additive in Citrus Sodas Over Health Risks

Gizmodo: “A problematic ingredient in some soft drinks is now officially being taken off the market. The Food and Drug Administration has revoked its authorization that allows brominated vegetable oil (BVO) to be used in food, following recent research suggesting that it could potentially harm people’s thyroid health. BVO is vegetable oil that’s been modified… Continue Reading

Law Clerk vs. AI? Courthouse Test Highlights Judicial Curiosity

Bloomberg Law- Law Clerk vs. AI? Courthouse Test Highlights Judicial Curiosity [paywalled] [unpaywalled] “Law clerks and interns for federal Judge Xavier Rodriguez recently spent weeks poring over evidence from a high-profile trial on challenges to Texas’ voting and election laws, and then summarized key testimony for the court’s official findings of fact and conclusions of… Continue Reading

The Secret IRS Files – Inside the Tax Records of the .001%

ProPublica: “In 2007, Jeff Bezos, then a multibillionaire and now the world’s richest man, did not pay a penny in federal income taxes. He achieved the feat again in 2011. In 2018, Tesla founder Elon Musk, the second-richest person in the world, also paid no federal income taxes. Michael Bloomberg managed to do the same… Continue Reading

Cybersecurity Resources for 9-1-1 Centers

“This document describes several CISA resources available to public safety communications organizations to help enhance their cybersecurity posture and resilience. Public safety communications entities, such as Emergency Communications Centers (ECCs), Public Safety Communications Centers (PSCCs), and Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), are a highly visible and important part of Emergency Services Sector communications, and therefore… Continue Reading

The Supreme Court Puts Trump Above the Law

The Atlantic via MSN: “Near the top of their sweeping, lawless opinion in Trump v. United States, Donald Trump’s defenders on the Supreme Court repeat one of the most basic principles of American constitutional government: “The president is not above the law.” They then proceed to obliterate it. Although the pro-Trump justices attempt to nest… Continue Reading

No surprises act

ProPublica:  “In 2020, Congress passed the No Surprises Act to protect patients from exorbitant medical bills that had burdened Americans with tens of thousands of dollars in debt. The law was designed to decrease the charges for patients treated by an out-of-network doctor during medical emergencies. Such ER visits often left people vulnerable to so-called… Continue Reading

Energy releases generative AI guidance for employees, contractors

Fedscoop: “Employees and contractors at the Department of Energy now have a new reference guide to help them navigate use of generative AI tools at the agency, including best practices and a note that ChatGPT is available for use by request. That 61-page document was published and distributed on DOE’s internal network on June 14,… Continue Reading

Cars & Consumer Data: On Unlawful Collection & Use

FTC: “Some say the car a person drives can say a lot about them. As cars get “connected,” this turns out to be truer than many people might have realized. While connectivity can let drivers do things like play their favorite internet radio stations or unlock their car with an app, connected cars can also… Continue Reading