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Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, July 23, 2022

Via LLRX – Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, July 23, 2022 – Privacy and cybersecurity issues impact every aspect of our lives – home, work, travel, education, health and medical records – to name but a few. On a weekly basis Pete Weiss highlights articles and information that focus on the increasingly complex… Continue Reading

33 problems with media

ZeroHedge – One of the hallmarks of democratic society is a healthy, free-flowing media ecosystem. In times past, that media ecosystem would include various mass media outlets, from newspapers to cable TV networks. Today, the internet and social media platforms have greatly expanded the scope and reach of communication within society. Of course, journalism plays a… Continue Reading

LinkedIn Still Number One Brand to be Faked in Phishing Attempts

Check Point: “Our Q2 2022 Brand Phishing Report highlights the brands that were most frequently imitated by cybercriminals in their attempts to steal individuals’ personal information or payment credentials over the quarter. In April, May, and June we observed that the social media platform LinkedIn continued its reign as the most imitated brand after entering… Continue Reading

Views of American Democracy and Society and Support for Political Violence

Views of American Democracy and Society and Support for Political Violence: First Report from a Nationwide Population-Representative Survey. Garen J Wintemute, Sonia Robinson, Andrew Crawford, Julia P Schleimer, Amy Barnhorst, Vicka Chaplin, Daniel Tancredi, Elizabeth A Tomsich, Veronica A Pear. [All authors are members of the UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program and the California… Continue Reading

New American Voters Report 2022

This report was written by Tom K. Wong, Associate Professor of Political Science and founding Director of the U.S. Immigration Policy Center (USIPC) at the University of California, San Diego; Maya Lu; and Lilly Amirjavad:  “Across the country—especially prominent in the last presidential election—the newAmerican majority has begun to demonstrate its power in numbers. This… Continue Reading

Your Resume: Portrait or Passport Photo? Career Development for Lawyers—And Other Ambitious People

Via LLRX – Your Resume: Portrait or Passport Photo? Career Development for Lawyers—And Other Ambitious People – Jerry Lawson discusses how a good resume is more like a stylish portrait photo. A top portrait photographer uses lenses, lighting, composition, props and other tools to bring out the subject’s best features in an original way. Your… Continue Reading

‘A uniquely dangerous tool’: How Google’s data can help states track abortions

Politico: “Many of the states rushing to ban abortion are also the biggest users of a surveillance tool that authorities could use to track women ending their pregnancies — the location data from people’s phones. Supporters of abortion rights are expressing growing alarm about the potential uses that police or prosecutors could find for this… Continue Reading

UNESCO: Half of Holocaust-related content on Telegram denies or distorts the facts

“As part of their plan to counter the denial and distortion of the Holocaust, UNESCO and the United Nations sought to objectively measure the extent of these phenomena on social networks, in partnership with the World Jewish Congress. They commissioned researchers from the Oxford Internet Institute to identify and analyze 4,000 posts related to the… Continue Reading

The 8 Best Online Communities for Introverts

MakeUseOf: “Are you an introvert who’s tired of the stigma associated with introversion? Well, even as an introvert, you don’t have to experience certain things alone. You can find a community of similar individuals who understand your daily experiences. If you’re looking for relatable content, or you’d like to connect with like-minded individuals, there are… Continue Reading

Meta launches Sphere, an AI knowledge tool based on open web content, used initially to verify citations on Wikipedia

TechCrunch: “Facebook may be infamous for helping to usher in the era of “fake news”, but it’s also tried to find a place for itself in the follow-up: the never-ending battle to combat it. In the latest development on that front, Facebook parent Meta today announced a new tool called Sphere, AI built around the… Continue Reading

GLAAD’s 2022 Social Media Safety Index

“GLAAD’s 2022 Social Media Safety Index (SMSI) provides recommendations for the industry at large and reports on LGBTQ user safety across the five major social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. As a follow up to the pioneering 2021 SMSI, the 2022 edition of the report introduces a Platform Scorecard developed by GLAAD… Continue Reading