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Child Opportunity Score for 100 largest US metros

Axios: “Metro areas across the South and Southwest, with few exceptions, offer worse conditions for children to grow up healthy and become successful adults, according to data from researchers at Brandeis University.

  • Why it matters: The Child Opportunity Index seeks to quantify childhood opportunity based on education, health care and the environment, Axios’ Alex Fitzpatrick, Alice Feng and Jared Whalen write.

Bridgeport, Conn. (88 out of 100); San Jose, Calif. (87); and Boston (86) have the highest overall “Opportunity Score” among the country’s 100 biggest metros.

  • McAllen, Texas (6); Brownsville, Texas (9); and Visalia, Calif. (13) have the lowest.

Between the lines: Racial chasms help explain the gaps. Black and Hispanic children typically live in relatively lower-opportunity neighborhoods compared to white and Asian children.”

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