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Federal Reserve releases results of Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR)

“The Federal Reserve on Wednesday announced it has approved the capital plans of 25 bank holding companies participating in the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR). The Federal Reserve objected to the plans of the other five participating firms–four based on qualitative concerns and one because it did not meet a minimum post-stress capital requirement. Strong capital levels help ensure that banking organizations have the ability to lend to households and businesses and to continue to meet their financial obligations, even in times of economic difficulty. Now in its fourth year, the Federal Reserve in CCAR evaluates the capital planning processes and capital adequacy of the largest bank holding companies, including the firms’ proposed capital actions such as dividend payments and share buybacks and issuances. When considering an institution’s capital plan, the Federal Reserve considers both qualitative and quantitative factors. These include a firm’s capital ratios under severe economic and financial market stress and the strength of the firm’s capital planning process. After the Federal Reserve objects to a capital plan, the institution may only make capital distributions with prior written approval from the Federal Reserve.”

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