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Global Consistency in Financial Regulation

Global Consistency in Financial Regulation: Is the glass half full, half empty, or just more transparent? Remarks by Wayne Byres, Secretary General, Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, at the RiskMinds Risk and Regulation Forum, Nice, France, 10 September 2013: “…bankers are somewhat despondent, lamenting gaps and inconsistencies, while regulators are focusing on the good and steady progress that has been made. We are looking at the same objective facts, so when it comes to the consistency in the implementation of global regulatory reforms, should we see the glass as half full or half empty? And what is our benchmark when we say that things are getting better or worse? When we look at prudential and regulatory outcomes, how much of any problem is caused by regulators, and how much stems from banks themselves? I plan to offer some thoughts on these questions in my remarks this morning.”

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