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In-House Discussion on Gender Pay Gap Had Very Few Male Listeners

Phillip Bantz, In-House Discussion on Gender Pay Gap Had Very Few Male Listeners, Corp. Counsel (Oct. 7, 2020). “Legal department leaders for HP Inc., Fortune Brands and Interstate Battery System of America had a candid talk Tuesday about a thorny topic—the gender pay gap in the legal profession.  Unfortunately, few men attended the web panel discussion, which litigation funding firm Burford Capital hosted.  “We’ve got to have a greater level of engagement by males in this space. Women can’t attack this by themselves,” said Kelvin Sellers, vice president and general counsel of Interstate Batteries in Dallas. Noting that fewer than 10% of the webinar registrants were men, Sellers added: “Men have to join in the conversation. And together I think we can make some great progress.”  Not at all surprising—members of X group are almost more interested in discrimination against X than anyone else is–but interesting that the article focuses on it…” [h/t Mary Whisner]

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