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The Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll

The World Risk Poll is the first ever global study of worry and risk across the world.  The poll was conducted by Gallup as part of its World Poll, and is based on interviews with over 150,000 people, including those living in places where little or no official data exists, yet where reported risks are often high. The World Risk Polls covers the biggest risks faced globally including new findings on subjects such as risks faced by women, safety of food, experience of serious injury and violence and harassment in the workplace, climate change, and online safety. The poll will enable businesses, regulators, governments and academics to work with communities to develop policies and actions that save lives and make people feel safer.  This landmark piece of research will be undertaken at least four times over eight years and the weight of knowledge accumulated will contribute in a more significant way than any past research, to making the world a safer place. The poll reveals new insights – for example demonstrating that demographic factors are generally a better predictor of risk perception than experience; and new findings that tell us how across the world, different groups of people experience risk in very different ways. The Poll highlights discrepancies between people’s perception of risk and the actual likelihood of them experiencing those dangers. For the first time, we learn how safe people feel; how they perceive risk and what risks they experience everyday. Explore the poll now to discover more about the everyday risks people worry about and face across the world…”

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