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Large Language Models and the Future of Law

Charlotin, Damien, Large Language Models and the Future of Law (August 22, 2023). Available at SSRN: or
“Large Language Models (LLMs) have crashed into the scene in late 2022, with ChatGPT in particular bringing to the mainstream what has before this remained within the domain of the initiates. This paper introduces the main features of LLMs and related Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the legal community, while reviewing their potential application in a legal context, as well as the main questions and issues raised by their increasing presence in a jurist’s life. Adopting a structural approach, the analysis highlights the areas of legal activity that stand to gain – or lose – from the generalisation of LLMs in our workflow. The radical innovation represented by LLMs will force jurists to rethink their approach to the law, their own role in it, and the future of legal education and training.”

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