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Daily Archives: May 8, 2024

What Can Go Wrong When Police Use AI to Write Reports?

EFF: “Axon—the makers of widely-used police body cameras and tasers (and that also keeps trying to arm drones)—has a new product: AI that will write police reports for officers. Draft One is a generative large language model machine learning system that reportedly takes audio from body-worn cameras and converts it into a narrative police report that police can then edit and submit after an incident. Axon bills this product as the ultimate time-saver for police departments hoping to get officers out from behind their desks. But this technology could present new issues for those who encounter police, and especially those marginalized communities already subject to a disproportionate share of police interactions in the United States…”

How to Block Companies From Tracking You Online

Lifehacker: “…Currently, there are two major methods of data-tracking online: The first, cookies, is on the way out, but pixel trackers are a bit more complicated. You’ve probably heard the term cookies before. These are little packets of information that allow websites to store data like your password, so you don’t need to log in… Continue Reading

Thwarted cyberattack targeted LC in tandem with October British Library breach

NextGov/FCW:”The Library of Congress was targeted in a cyberattack that occurred in parallel with a high-profile intrusion into the United Kingdom’s British Library in late October, but the hackers failed to access the U.S. library’s systems, according to internal documents obtained by Nextgov/FCW. The attempted breach occurred around Oct. 28, the same day the U.K.’s… Continue Reading

Top spy official releases principles on intel agency use of info bought from data brokers

Cyberscoop: “The U.S. spy chief on Wednesday published its policies for how intelligence agencies collect and use information from data brokers, but a prominent Hill critic says the guidance doesn’t address a key point about what kind of information it can or can’t obtain. The “Policy Framework for Commercially Available Information,” or CAI, released by… Continue Reading

Researchers warned against using AI to peer review academic papers

Semafor [read free on first click only]: “Researchers should not be using tools like ChatGPT to automatically peer review papers, warned organizers of top AI conferences and academic publishers worried about maintaining intellectual integrity. With recent advances in large language models, researchers have been increasingly using them to write peer reviews — a time-honored academic… Continue Reading

Environmental Changes Are Fueling Human, Animal and Plant Diseases

The New York Times – “Several large-scale, human-driven changes to the planet — including climate change, the loss of biodiversity and the spread of invasive species — are making infectious diseases more dangerous to people, animals and plants, according to a new study.” Nature, Published 8 May 2024 – A meta-analysis on global change drivers… Continue Reading

How Congress would decide the presidency if there’s an Electoral College tie

The Hill: “A tie in the Electoral College in November is a very real possibility — and it could even end with a new President Trump and a new Vice President Harris sharing power. The odds are unprecedented in modern history, but the setup of the country’s electoral system and the fact that a nail-biter… Continue Reading

Inside libraries’ battle for better e-book access

Axios: “Librarians are mounting a fierce state-by-state battle against the high prices they pay to provide patrons with e-books — so far, with little to show for it. Why it matters: The ongoing dispute threatens library patrons’ access to e-books. Where it stands: Publishers typically require libraries to renew the license to each e-book every… Continue Reading