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Microsoft’s “responsible AI” chief worries about the open web

Washington Post: “…Natasha Crampton, Microsoft’s chief Responsible AI officer, spoke with The Technology 202 ahead of Microsoft’s release today of its first “Responsible AI Transparency Report.” The 39-page report, which the company is billing as the first of its kind from a major tech firm, details how Microsoft plans to keep its rapidly expanding stable of AI tools from wreaking havoc. It makes the case that the company has closely integrated Crampton’s Responsible AI team into its development of new AI products. It also details the progress the company has made toward meeting some of the Voluntary AI Commitments that Microsoft and other tech giants signed on to in September as part of the Biden administration’s push to regulate artificial intelligence. Those include developing safety evaluation systems for its AI cloud tools, expanding its internal AI “red teams,” and automatically marking AI-generated images.  The report comes after Microsoft last week reported rising revenue from its generative AI products, including search. The company’s ongoing partnership with OpenAI, which according to the report allows both companies to “independently commercialize any advanced technologies developed by OpenAI,” has helped it recapture its mojo with investors and consumers. It has also, at times, embroiled the firm in controversy…”

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