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New GAO Reports – Air Force, Inspectors General, KC-46 Tanker Aircraft, Presidential Helicopter Acquisition

  • AIR FORCE: Actions Needed to Strengthen Management of Unmanned Aerial System Pilots, GAO-14-316: Published: Apr 10, 2014. Publicly Released: Apr 10, 2014: “The Air Force has managed its remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) pilots using some strategic human-capital approaches, such as planning for the different levels of experience that it needs in these pilots. However, it continues to face challenges. High-performing organizations manage human capital to identify the right number of personnel and to target the right sources to fill personnel needs. In 2008, the Air Force determined the optimum number of RPA pilots—the crew ratio—for some units, but it did not account for all tasks these units complete. Air Force officials stated that, as a result, the crew ratio is too low, but the Air Force has not updated it. Air Force guidance states that low crew ratios diminish combat capability and cause flight safety to suffer, but the Air Force has operated below its optimum crew ratio and it has not established a minimum crew ratio. Further, high work demands on RPA pilots limit the time they have available for training and development and negatively affects their work-life balance. In addition, the Air Force faces challenges recruiting officers into the RPA pilot career and may face challenges retaining them in the future. High-performing organizations tailor their recruiting and retention strategies to meet their specific mission needs, but the Air Force has not tailored its approach to recruiting and retaining RPA pilots nor considered the viability of using alternative personnel such as enlisted personnel or civilians.”
  • INSPECTORS GENERAL: Oversight of Small Federal Agencies and the Role of the Inspectors General, GAO-14-503T: Published: Apr 10, 2014. Publicly Released: Apr 10, 2014.
  • KC-46 TANKER AIRCRAFT: Program Generally on Track, but Upcoming Schedule Remains Challenging, GAO-14-190: Published: Apr 10, 2014. Publicly Released: Apr 10, 2014.
  • PRESIDENTIAL HELICOPTER ACQUISITION: Update on Program’s Progress toward Development Start, GAO-14-358R: Published: Apr 10, 2014. Publicly Released: Apr 10, 2014.
  • NATIONAL DEFENSE: Status of Efforts to Initiate an Amphibious Combat Vehicle Program, GAO-14-359R: Published: Apr 10, 2014. Publicly Released: Apr 10, 2014.

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