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New GAO Reports – Early Learning and Child Care, FAA Reauthorization, Federal Real Property

  • EARLY LEARNING AND CHILD CARE – Federal Funds Support Multiple Programs with Similar Goals, GAO-14-325T, Feb 5, 2014: “The federal investment in early learning and child care is administered through 45 programs that provide or may support related services to children from birth through age 5, as well as five tax provisions that subsidize private expenditures in this area. Among the 45 programs, 12 have an explicit program purpose of providing early learning or child care services. These programs differ in size, target population, and structure. For example, most of them obligated less than $500 million each in fiscal year 2012, while the largest program, Head Start, obligated approximately $8 billion in that year. The remaining 33 programs identified in GAO’s 2012 report permit the use of funds for delivering or supporting early learning or child care services, but this is not their explicit purpose. These programs include multipurpose block grants, such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, for which early learning or child care is not a primary purpose but which may nevertheless provide significant funding for child care. “
  • FAA REAUTHORIZATION ACT – Progress and Challenges Implementing Various Provisions of the 2012 Act, GAO-14-285T, Feb 5, 2014: “The U.S. air transportation system is the busiest and among the safest in the world. Even so, maintaining and improving the extraordinary level of connectivity and mobility the system affords us, and the safety record that has been achieved to date requires continued attention and effort. In the 2012 Act, Congress directed FAA to take various actions to improve the safety and efficiency of the current NAS while transitioning to NextGen. In addition, given the potential and opportunities afforded by new UAS technologies, the 2012 Act included several provisions with respect to FAA safely integrating UAS into the NAS.”
  • FEDERAL REAL PROPERTY – Actions Needed to Improve How Agencies Manage Structures, GAO-14-87, Jan 6, 2014: “GAO recommends that OMB, in coordination with the FRPC, develop guidance to improve agencies internal controls to produce consistent, accurate and reliable information on their structures.”

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