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New on LLRX for March 2019

The 5 new articles and 5 new columns on LLRX for March 2019

  • US takes tentative steps toward opening up government data – At the beginning of this year, President Trump signed into law the Open, Public, Electronic and Necessary Government Data Act, requiring that nonsensitive government data be made available in machine-readable, open formats by default. As researchers who study data governance and cyber law [Anjanette Raymond, Beth Cate and Scott Shackelford] we are excited by the possibilities of the new act. But much effort is needed to fill in missing details – especially since these data can be used in unpredictable or unintended ways. The federal government would benefit from considering lessons learned from open government activities in other countries and at state and local levels.
  • The Future of Legal Journalism is Here – Lawyer, legal tech Innovator and legal blogger Kevin O’Keefe showcases the extraordinary talents of Robert Ambrogi, who is acknowledged as the best in class of law and technology journalism in America..
  • Law Library Lessons in Vendor Relations from the UC/Elsevier Split – Academic Law Library Director Jamie J. Baker discusses the requirements for scholarly research journal content in the context of the global push-back against publisher pricing increases that are beyond the acceptable thresholds of organizational funding and budgets.
  • What could you do today to help make your workplace more positive?  – Stan Garfield’s actionable list to establish and sustain workplace cooperation and communication is a useful reminder as well as a guide to share and reference with teams and leaders throughout the year.
  • Knowledge Modeling – Taxonomist Heather Hedden compares and contrasts the work of creating a taxonomy to that of creating a knowledge model, which also involve inputs of people and content, but where more emphasis is on stakeholder/user input. As Hedden says, “content contains information, but people contain knowledge, so knowledge modeling requires the input of various people, with the input gathered in a comprehensive and systematic way.” This article clearly identifies more facets of the role of knowledge management within organizations in many sectors.
  • Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, March 3, 2019 – Four highlights from this week: Software vulnerabilities are becoming more numerous, less understood; What You Need to Know About Data captured automatically by smartphones and digital cameras; and Apps are sending sensitive data to Facebook, despite company policies.
  • Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, March 9, 2019 – Four highlights from this week: IRS Urges Taxpayers to Watch Out for Erroneous Refunds; Beware of Fake Calls to Return Money to a Collection Agency; Phishing Scams: Is Your Financial Institution Helping Cyberthieves? Guess what? Facebook still tracks you on Android apps (even if you don’t have a Facebook account); and – Phone numbers are the new Social Security numbers.
  • Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, March 16, 2019 – Four highlights from this week: Inside Facebook’s physical security that protects Zuckerberg, employees; Many Americans do not trust modern institutions to protect their personal data – even as they frequently neglect cybersecurity best practices in their own personal lives; Some beSpacific (and LLRX) Subjects (topics) in which you may have an interest; and Firefox Send – Free File Transfers while Keeping your Personal Information Private.
  • Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, March 23, 2019 – Four highlights from this week: Privacy. Yes, we’ll think about privacy, says FCC mulling cellphone location data overhaul; Are Health Apps Putting Your Privacy at Risk?; White House officials using personal accounts to do official work; and Michael Cohen warrants show how the FBI can unlock your phone and track your movements.
  • Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, March 30, 2019 – Four highlights from this week: Data Breaches: Range of Consumer Risks Highlights Limitations of Identity Theft Services; How Digital Wallets Work; NSO Group CEO on “60 Minutes”: Hacking Lawyers, Reporters Is OK; and How to permanently delete your Google account (and save your data).

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