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NIST Researchers Offer Tool to Aid Standards Development, Implementation

FACTS: A Framework for Analysis, Comparison, and Test of Standards, Paul W. Witherell; Rachuri Rachuri; Anantha Narayanan Narayanan; Jae Hyun Lee. May 09, 2013

“Open and consensus standards play a critical role in enabling globally distributed manufacturing. A close connection between standards development (supply side) and implementation strategies (demand side) is critical for widespread adoption of standards. The design and implementation of standards requires a clear understanding of information requirements, modeling of concepts, and different levels of abstraction from multiple stakeholder viewpoints. Towards this understanding, we propose a Formal Approach for Comparison and Test of Standards (FACTS) based on the Zachman framework. The FACTS derived information models will explicitly model standards at different levels of abstraction and perspectives that will provide a unified approach for standards development and implementation. In this paper, we explain FACTS and analyze standards with respect to different stages of a standard’s lifecycle and information modeling abstractions. We outline implementation strategies for standards and define testability of standards for conformance. We envision that FACTS can lead to the development of a CASE tool like environment for standards development and implementation. Finally we explain FACTS using a set of standards especially related to sustainable manufacturing.”

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