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Open Law Lab is an initiative to design law – to make it more accessible, more usable, and more engaging

Open Law Lab begins with the idea that law can be more engaging, more usable, and more useful. It proposes that bright law students, professors, researchers, professionals, and makers can build products and services to do exactly this. Under a broad mission of providing innovative ways to increase access to justice, the Lab ventures to create specific action themes, in which interdisciplinary teams can identify real needs and design projects that will address them — and push the law forward. These themes identify the needs which the Lab will address through concept designs, working prototypes, and fully workable solutions.  They will also form the basis for empirical research about what works to address these needs, and what does not. These specific themes are below.  They can serve as design briefs, to spark a design process & development cycle that will result in new, innovative legal products, services, and systems.”

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