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The Ponzi Scheme Authority: “Ponzi Scheme Discoveries Skyrocketed In 2022, With One In Four Schemes Involving Crypto (As a disclaimer, these statistics are presented for educational purposes only, have not been independently verified, and were primarily compiled through articles on Ponzitracker and internet reporting by various sources including Kathy Phelps’ monthly Ponzi roundups at Individuals accused of Ponzi schemes are presumed innocent until proven guilty. These statistics generally only included Ponzi schemes of $1 million or more based in or with a substantial nexus to the United States.) The number of uncovered Ponzi schemes surged in 2022 as the world attempted to find a new sense of normalcy as the COVID-19 pandemic waned, marking a significant shift from 2021 in which the lowest number of Ponzi schemes were discovered since 2008. In addition to the significant rise in new Ponzi schemes which collectively involved over $5.3 billion of potential losses, the data also ominously shows that more than one in four of the new schemes were related to cryptocurrency. The criminal justice system appears to have also returned to normalcy, as the total number and cumulative length of prison sentences for convicted Ponzi schemers hit a five-year high in 2022.”

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