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Removal of 190,000 Sought in US Immigration Courts in FY 2013

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse: “TRAC projects that in fiscal year 2013 the U.S. government will file actions in Immigration Court seeking to remove over 190,000 individuals from the country, according to the latest data extending through the end of August 2013. The estimated total does not count those individuals deported administratively by ICE or the Border Patrol, which typically represents a much larger number. So far this year, Immigration Judges nationally ordered deportations on 53.1 percent of those individuals against whom actions were filed. This percentage varies greatly by state, from a low of 27.6 percent in Oregon to a high of 85.4 percent in Louisiana. States which have large immigration detention facilities tend to have a higher percentage ordered deported.  View the 10 states with the highest proportion of individuals ordered deported this year.  TRAC’s latest snapshot report on the 10 states with the highest proportion of individuals not deported but allowed to remain in the country.”

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