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What if you’ve already had Covid-19 — do you still need a vaccine?

The New York Times – Experts tackle questions about vaccine immunity. “…Which produces a stronger immune response: a natural infection or a vaccine? The short answer: We don’t know. But Covid-19 vaccines have predictably prevented illness, and they are a far safer bet, experts said. Vaccines for some pathogens, like pneumococcal bacteria, induce better immunity than the natural infection does. Early evidence suggests that the Covid-19 vaccines may fall into this category. Volunteers who received the Moderna shot had more antibodies — one marker of immune response — in their blood than did people who had been sick with Covid-19…The diversity in the immune response from natural infection might be because of differences in the amount of virus to which the person was exposed. With a vaccine, everyone gets the same dose. “We know the dose that is being administered, and we know that that dose is effective at eliciting an immune response,” Dr. Gommerman said. “So that becomes a variable that’s taken off the table when you get the vaccine.”..

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