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What Your Personal Information is Worth to Cybercriminals

Bleeping Computer -“Cybercriminals have multiple markets to get illicit goods and prices on these underground forums are likely driven by supply and demand, just like in the legal economy. Offerings found on deep and dark web (DDW) markets include anything that can be monetized in one way or another. Common goods cover any financial information that can be used for bank fraud. Full info packages – A typical assortment of products and services comprises personally-identifiable information, payment card data, credentials, access to compromised systems, distributed denial-of-service, forged documents, credentials, and access to compromised services. Many of the underground sites that provided the data are no longer active, some because law enforcement brought them down. Nevertheless, the data is still a good indicator of the value of stolen data to cybercriminals. Full packages of data that can be used to steal a US victim’s identity sell for $4-$10, the researchers say. These are called ‘fullz’ and include at least the name, Social Security number, date of birth, and account numbers. The price seems low but it can get as high as $65 when accompanied by financial information, such as credit scores. The better the credit score, the higher the price. A score of 700, for instance, increased the fullz’ value to $40….”

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