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Daily Archives: October 14, 2013

New on LLRX – DNA Evidence: Brave New World, Same Old Problems

Via LLRX.comDNA Evidence: Brave New World, Same Old Problems

Criminal law expert Ken Strutin guides us through the critical facets that comprise the backbone of investigative forensics in the 21st Century – the database. Ken states that of all information gathering techniques, genetic databanking has become the holy grail of prosecutions and the last resort for exonerations. It is both the cause of and solution to many problems in the administration of justice. Thus, DNA forensics highlights the longstanding tension between scientific understanding and legal reasoning. While DNA’s scientific reputation is very near to magic, its forensic applications are subject to the faults and limitations of every kind of evidence offered as proof in a court of law. Ken’s article collects research on the law and science of genetic evidence at the pre-conviction stage. It focuses on the role of DNA in identification, investigation and prosecution of crime, social and privacy issues, and to some degree exculpation or evidence of third party culpability.

New on LLRX – Education and Academic Resources on the Internet

Via – Education and Academic Resources on the Internet Marcus P. Zillman’s guide links researchers to a wide range of reliable resources for all professions and skill levels. Marcus covers topics including: education, chemistry, economics, mathematics, philosophy, engineering, MBA and PhD/Dissertation/Thesis/Academic Writing resources, as well as increasingly popular MOOCS/Open Courseware (OCW) resources. Continue Reading

New on LLRX – Shutdown Cuts Off Public Access to Gov Docs

Via – Shutdown Cuts Off Public Access to Government Information Access to government information is important in the daily lives of the people of the United States. During the shutdown of the federal government, paper and digital versions of government publications are either not available at all or the web sites are not being… Continue Reading

Paper – Micro-Units and Accessory Dwelling Units

Housing Changing Households: Regulatory Challenges for Micro-Units and Accessory Dwelling Units, John Infranca, Suffolk University Law School; Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy, October 10, 2013. Stanford Law & Policy Review, 2014, Forthcoming “The existing stock of affordable rental housing falls significantly short of the need in many areas of the country. In… Continue Reading

New university consortium service allows users to create citation links that will never break

“ is a service [Built and Run by Libraries], currently in beta, that allows users to create citation links that will never break. When a user creates a link, archives a copy of the referenced content, and generates a link to an unalterable hosted instance of the site. Regardless of what may happen… Continue Reading

Gov. shutdown web snapshots

To view the shutdown snapshots, click here. “Shutdown Government Websites – includes a snapshot of each government website listed in the A-Z list, taken during the Oct 2013 government shutdown. It also includes captures of government social media. URLs for government social media are from the 2012 End of Term Harvest. This collection was… Continue Reading

Government Responds to EPIC’s Supreme Court Challenge of NSA Telephone Record Program

“The Solicitor General has filed a response to EPIC’s challenge to the NSA’s telephone record collection program. In July, EPIC petitioned the Supreme Court to vacate the order of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that requires Verizon to turn over all telephone records to the NSA. EPIC argued that the Intelligence Court exceeded its legal… Continue Reading

Fragmentation and Monetary Policy in the Euro Area

IMF Working Paper No. 13/208A. J. Al-Eyd; Pelin Berkmen, October 04, 2013 “The ECB has taken a range of actions to address bank funding problems, eliminate excessive risk in sovereign markets, and safeguard monetary transmission. But euro area financial markets have remained fragmented, driving retail interest rates in stressed markets far above those in the… Continue Reading

Monetary and Macroprudential Policy in an Estimated DSGE Model of the Euro Area

IMF Working Paper No. 13/209 by Dominic Quint; Pau Rabanal. October 14, 2013 “In this paper, we study the optimal mix of monetary and macroprudential policies in an estimated two-country model of the euro area. The model includes real, nominal and financial frictions, and hence both monetary and macroprudential policy can play a role. We find… Continue Reading