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Daily Archives: October 19, 2013

City of Chicago’s Data Open Source Dictionary

“Welcome to the City of Chicago’s Data Dictionary. This website serves as a single, comprehensive database catalog for the City of Chicago and City of Chicago sister agencies. It is a resource for anyone who is interested in understanding what data is held by City agencies and departments, how and if it may be accessed, and in what formats it may be accessed. We invite you to explore the huge volume of data maintained by the City of Chicago.”


League of American Wheelmen, Inc., “Campaigns to get bicycles on commuter trains are cropping up across the country.  We’ve seen recent success in the Bay Area, and there’s been a national push to get Amtrak on board with increased bicycle services. This week, we’re seeing more positive movement in Chicago, where the South Shore Line rail is planning to… Continue Reading

Electricity use by machine drives varies significantly by manufacturing industry

U.S. Energy Information Administration: “Machine drives, which are primarily electric motors, pumps, and fans, account for about half of the manufacturing sector’s delivered electricity use and 8% of the sector’s total fuel consumption. Their wide use across many industries results in a substantial impact on the demand placed on power grids. EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook 2013 (AEO2013)… Continue Reading

Is there a way back to moderation in Congress (please do not incorrectly say “Washington”)

Reid Wilson, Washington Post: “The problem, as reformers see it: Partisan gerrymandering has led to Congressional districts in which one party is so dominant that whichever candidate they nominate will win in November. About three-quarters of all districts, according to some estimates, are so overwhelmingly Republican or Democratic that the other party doesn’t have the… Continue Reading