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Daily Archives: December 23, 2013

Navigating the Great Recession: what role for monetary policy?

Navigating the Great Recession: what role for monetary policy? by Stephen G Cecchetti, Finn E Kydland, Jaime Caruana, Zeti Akhtar Aziz, Thomas Jordan and Glenn Stevens

The 12th BIS Annual Conference took place in Lucerne, Switzerland on 20-21 June 2013. The event brought together a distinguished group of central bank governors, leading academics and former public officials to exchange views on the conference theme of “Navigating the Great Recession: what role for monetary policy?”. This volume contains the opening address by Stephen Cecchetti (former Economic Adviser, BIS), a keynote address by Finn Kydland (University of California, Santa Barbara) and the contributions of the policy panel. The participants in the policy panel, chaired by Jaime Caruana (General Manager, BIS), were Zeti Akhtar Aziz (Bank Negara Malaysia), Thomas Jordan (Swiss National Bank) and Glenn Stevens (Reserve Bank of Australia).

The papers presented at the conference and the discussants’ comments are released as BIS Working Papers 434 to 437:
Cyclical macroeconomic policy, financial regulation and economic growth, BIS Working Papers No 434
by Philippe Aghion and Enisse Kharroubi
Comments by Robert E Hall

Is monetary policy overburdened?, BIS Working Papers No 435
by Athanasios Orphanides
Comments by Charles Bean and Niall Ferguson

Global spillovers and domestic monetary policy, BIS Working Papers No 436
by Menzie D Chinn
Comments by Leszek Balcerowicz, Piotr Ciżkowicz and Andrzej Rzońca, and Rakesh Mohan

International monetary policy coordination: past, present and future, BIS Working Papers No 437
by John B Taylor
Comments by Arminio Fraga Neto  and Kenneth Rogoff 

Longevity risk transfer markets: market structure, growth drivers and impediments, and potential risks

“Ageing populations pose serious social policy and regulatory/supervisory challenges in many countries. Longevity risk – the risk of paying out on pensions and annuities for longer than anticipated – is significant when measured from a financial perspective. Longevity risk transfer markets: market structure, growth drivers and impediments, and potential risks [December 2013] is a forward-looking… Continue Reading

2013 Blawggie Awards – Tenth Edition – beSpacific is Best Law Librarian Blog

Thank you Dennis – and congratulations to all my colleagues. “Welcome to the 2013 edition of Dennis Kennedy’s annual Best of Law-related Blogging Awards, affectionately known as the “Blawggies.” The Blawggies, which honor the best law-related blogs as determined from my personal and highly-opinionated perspective, were first unleashed on an unsuspecting blogosphere in December 2004… Continue Reading

GAO – TSA Should Limit Future Funding for Behavior Detection Activities

AVIATION SECURITY: TSA Should Limit Future Funding for Behavior Detection Activities, GAO-14-158T, Nov 14, 2013 “In November 2013, GAO reported that (1) peer-reviewed, published research we reviewed did not support whether nonverbal behavioral indicators can be used to reliably identify deception, (2) methodological issues limited the usefulness of DHS’s April 2011 SPOT validation study, and (3) variation… Continue Reading

Commentary – Social media: The next generation of archiving

Social media: The next generation of archiving, by John Moore: “Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have become commonplace tools for government outreach. Agencies tweet about everything from developments in medical research to public safety information. Federal Facebook pages offer a similar scope of government missives, while YouTube provides a collection of… Continue Reading

2013 Report on NASA’s Top Management and Performance Challenges

Office of Inspector General, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, December 2, 2013. “As required by the Reports Consolidation Act of 2000, this memorandum provides our views of the top management and performance challenges facing NASA for inclusion in the Agency’s fiscal year (FY) 2013 Performance and Accountability Report. In deciding whether to identify an issue as a… Continue Reading

Social Engineering and Malware in Syria: EFF and Citizen Lab’s Latest Report on the Digital Battlefield

“More than two years into the Syrian conflict, the violence continues both on the ground and in the digital realm. Just as human rights investigators and weapons inspectors search for evidence of chemical weapons, EFF, and the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab have been collecting, dissecting, and documenting malicious software deployed against the Syrian opposition. Citizen Lab security… Continue Reading

FTC Report Updates Congress on the State of the National Do Not Call Registry

“The Federal Trade Commission published a biennial report to Congress focusing on the use of the Do Not Call Registry by both consumers and businesses over the past two years. The report also highlights how the FTC is responding to new technologies that have increased the number of illegal robocalls made to telephone numbers on… Continue Reading

WaPo – contract: Politics not a factor, but neither were firm’s ties to failed projects contract: Politics not a factor, but neither were firm’s ties to failed projects – By Jerry Markon and Alice Crites [snipped] “CGI Federal, the company responsible for building the problem-plagued Web site for the Affordable Care Act, won the job because of what federal officials deemed a “technically superior” proposal, according to government documents and people… Continue Reading