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Daily Archives: December 20, 2013

EPA Enforcement and Compliance History Online

“Use EPA’s ECHO website to search for facilities in your community to assess their compliance with environmental regulations. You can also investigate pollution sources, examine and create enforcement-related maps, or explore your state’s performance. Learn more about ECHO.”

Court Decision in Tronox Bankruptcy Fraudulent Conveyance Case Results in Largest Environmental Bankruptcy Award Ever

EPA Case Summary: “On December 12, 2013, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York decided against Kerr-McGee Corporation (“Kerr-McGee”) and related companies that are subsidiaries of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (“Anadarko”) in a fraudulent conveyance case and determined that the defendants “acted to free substantially all [their] assets – certainly [their] most… Continue Reading

BLS Monthly Labor Review, December 2013

Overview of projections to 2022 – Employment Projections staff.  The Monthly Labor Review presents the release of the Bureau of Labor Statistics biennial labor force, output, and employment projections for the 2012–2022 period. Labor force projections to 2022: the labor force participation rate continues to fall, December 2013 The U.S. economy to 2022: settling into a new… Continue Reading

Choices for Deficit Reduction: An Update

“In coming decades, the aging of the population, rising health care costs, and the expansion of federal subsidies for health insurance will put increasing pressure on the federal budget. At the same time, by 2020, if current laws generally remained in place, federal spending apart from that for Social Security and major health care programs… Continue Reading

Projected Costs of U.S. Nuclear Forces, 2014 to 2023

“In its most recent review of U.S. nuclear policy, the Administration resolved to maintain all three types of systems that can deliver nuclear weapons over long ranges—submarines that launch ballistic missiles (SSBNs), land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), and long-range bombers—known collectively as the strategic nuclear triad. The Administration also resolved to preserve the ability to… Continue Reading

Paper – Legal Education in Crisis, and Why Law Libraries are Doomed

Via SSRN – Legal Education in Crisis, and Why Law Libraries are Doomed, James G. Milles, SUNY Buffalo Law School, December 20, 2013, SUNY Buffalo Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2014-015 “The dual crises facing legal education—the economic crisis affecting both the job market and the pool of law school applicants, and the crisis of confidence in the ability… Continue Reading

Experience from Maximizing Enrollment States in Leadership, Culture Change, Coordination and Data

Managing Program Change – Experience from Maximizing Enrollment States in Leadership, Culture Change, Coordination. December 2013. National Academy for State Health Policy by Hensley-Quinn M, and Snyder A. “Report reviews proven methods to improve insurance enrollment in eight states. Since 2009, eight states have pursued unique approaches toward improving health insurance enrollment by giving people faster access to coverage and more options… Continue Reading

FDA proposes new food defense rule

“As required by the bipartisan FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration today proposed a rule that would require the largest food businesses in the United States and abroad to take steps to prevent facilities from being the target of intentional attempts to contaminate the food supply. The FDA is unaware… Continue Reading

Census – International Data Base

‘The International Data Base has been updated to include revised estimates and projections for 16 countries or areas incorporating new data or analysis. One of the countries in this update is Mexico, whose 2013 population is now projected to be 2.2 percent larger than the previous estimate primarily because of lower estimates of emigration since… Continue Reading

QuickFacts, a Census Bureau data tool, now updated with latest American Community Survey Statistics

“The Census Bureau’s data tool for quickly finding facts about counties, cities and states is now updated with the latest 2008-2012 American Community Statistics. QuickFacts provides users with a variety of demographic, economic and housing characteristics on their communities and those around them.” Continue Reading

Getting Back to Full Employment: A Better Bargain for Working People

Center for Economic and Policy Research – Getting Back to Full Employment by Jared Bernstein and Dean Baker, “is a follow-up to a book written a decade ago by the authors, The Benefits of Full Employment (Economic Policy Institute, 2003). It builds on the evidence presented in that book, showing that real wage growth for workers in the bottom… Continue Reading

Paper – Availability of Research Data Declines Rapidly with Article Age

Matthew Sparkes – New research shows that 80 per cent of scientific data is no longer available 20 years after findings are published, as information is lost in old email addresses and obsolete storage formats. “Researchers at the University of British Columbia chose a random set of of 516 studies published between 1991 and 2001 and… Continue Reading