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Daily Archives: March 23, 2014

ICANN will transition to global plan for private stakeholder control

Tracking publicly reported incidents involving nuclear and other radioactive materials

CNS Global Incidents and Trafficking Database 2013 Annual Report “Maintaining control over nuclear and other radioactive material globally is vital to both nonproliferation and prevention of nuclear terrorism. As a conference bringing together regulatory, intelligence, and law enforcement organizations from around the world and convened by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) affirmed, “terrorist groups have the intention of… Continue Reading

NASA’s Spitzer Telescope Brings 360-Degree View of Galaxy to Our Fingertips

News release: “Touring the Milky Way now is as easy as clicking a button with NASA’s new zoomable, 360-degree mosaic presented Thursday at the TEDActive 2014 Conference in Vancouver, Canada. The star-studded panorama of our galaxy is constructed from more than 2 million infrared snapshots taken over the past 10 years by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope. “If… Continue Reading

New on LLRX – Using Raspberry Pi and Open Source to Understand Technology

Via – Using Raspberry Pi and Open Source to Understand Technology – Elmer Masters, Director of Internet Development at the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction, has a new column which he had graciously agreed to share with LLRX readers. In this article, he examines the concept of using the open nature of a Linux powered Raspberry Pi… Continue Reading

New on LLRX – Business Intelligence Online Resources

Via  – Business Intelligence Online Resources: An Internet Annotated Link Dataset Compilation. Marcus P. Zillman’s new, comprehensive guide comprises the most current and accurate business intelligence source available via the web, free and fee based. Zillman includes resources and sites mined from both the visible and invisible web. His carefully selected business intelligence resources and sites are described… Continue Reading

Talent Trends 2014 – What’s on the minds of the professional workforce

LinkedIn: “For career-minded people everywhere, these are interesting times. Economies continue to falter in several regions of the world, which can make job transition frustrating for the one in four professionals actively seeking their next role. That said, for anyone open to a career move, we live in an era of unprecedented transparency. More job opportunities are viewable… Continue Reading

Scout – Open Source tool to get alerts on issues you care about

“Scout is a free service that provides daily insight to how our laws and regulations are shaped in Washington, DC and our state capitols. These days, you can receive electronic alerts to know when a company is in the news, when a TV show is scheduled to air or when a sports team wins. Now, you… Continue Reading

Who Are the Long-Term Unemployed and What Happens to Them?

“Even in good times, the long-term unemployed are on the margins of the labor market, with diminished job prospects and high labor force withdrawal rates. Even after finding another job, reemployment does not fully reset the clock for the long-term unemployed, who are frequently jobless again soon after they gain reemployment. Only 11 percent of… Continue Reading