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Daily Archives: May 2, 2014

UK Gov Project – Print Still Matters

“Use this site to discover which libraries in the United Kingdom have PRINT collections of publications issued by the UK Parliament, UK Government, and the Devolved Assemblies, Parliaments, and Administrations of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The information upon which this site is built was collected through the Print Still Matters Project in 2012/2013. This Project was initiated by SCOOP – the Standing Committee on Official Publications – with funding provided by the Information Services Group of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP). Although the Final Report on the Project has been submitted to SCOOP, the site will continue to be updated. Please contact Hannah Chandler, Official Papers Librarian, Oxford University for information on how to submit amendments or new information on Library print holdings. An article on the Project appeared in CILIP Update for September 2013. A PDF of the article is attached below by kind permission on the Managing Editor. The information on this site was last updated on Tuesday 29th October 2013. Always check with a Library before visiting it for a specific ‘Official Publication’.” [via Alastair Allan]

The Economic Importance of Financial Literacy

The Economic Importance of Financial Literacy: Theory and Evidence. Annamaria Lusardi and Olivia S. Mitchell.  Journal of Economic Literature 2014, 52(1), 1–40 “This paper undertakes an assessment of a rapidly growing body of economic research on financial literacy. We start with an overview of theoretical research, which casts financial knowledge as a form of investment in… Continue Reading

State Funding for Education Has Not Recovered Since the Recession

States Are Still Funding Higher Education Below Pre-Recession Levels. Michael Mitchell, Vincent Palacios, and Michael Leachman – May 1, 2014 “Most states have begun in the past year to restore some of the cuts they made to higher education funding after the recession hit.  Eight states, though, are still cutting, and in almost all states — including those that are… Continue Reading

Interactive visualization allows you to explore actual patterns of lawmaking in Congress

Legislative Explorer or LEG/EX © University of Washington Center for American Politics and Public Policy. A data-driven discovery tool for learning about how bills become law. “Researchers at the University of Washington’s Center for American Politics and Public Policy are applying data-driven discovery methods popular in the natural sciences to visualize and learn about lawmaking. Legislative Explorer, or LegEx,… Continue Reading

The impact of the falling yen on U.S. import prices

The impact of the falling yen on U.S. import prices, by David Mead and Sharon Royales “In the fall of 2012, Japan set forth economic policies aimed at turning around the country’s historic deflationary slide that began in the 1990s. These policies led the Japanese yen to fall dramatically in value relative to the U.S.… Continue Reading

FOCUS on Top Incomes and Taxation in OECD Countries: Was the crisis a game changer?

OECD work on Income Distribution and Poverty, May 2014 “The share of the richest 1% in total pre-tax income have increased in most OECD countries in the past three decades, particularly in some English-speaking countries but also in some Nordic (from low levels) and Southern European countries. Today, they range between 7% in Denmark and… Continue Reading

EPA’s Coordinated Approach on Asthma

“EPA promotes scientific understanding of environmental asthma triggers and ways to manage asthma in community settings through research, education and outreach. With federal, state and local partners, we are building the nation’s capacity to control asthma and manage exposure to indoor and outdoor pollutants linked to asthma. Our purpose is to build knowledge and awareness… Continue Reading