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Daily Archives: October 5, 2015

Disconnected Youth: A Look at 16 to 24 Year Olds Who Are Not Working or In School

CRS – Disconnected Youth: A Look at 16 to 24 Year Olds Who Are Not Working or In School. Adrienne L. Fernandes-Alcantara, Specialist in Social Policy. October 1, 2015.

“This Congressional Research Service (CRS) analysis expands the existing research on disconnected youth. The analysis uses Current Population Survey (CPS) data to construct a definition of “disconnected.” This definition includes non institutionalized youth ages 16 through 24 who were not working or in school at the time of the survey (February through April) and did not work or attend school any time during the previous year. The definition is narrower than those used by other studies because it captures youth who are unemployed and not in school for a longer period of time. This is intended to exclude youth who may, in fact, be connected for part or most of a year. Youth who are both married to a connected spouse and are parenting are also excluded from the definition. For these reasons, the number and share of youth in the analysis who are considered disconnected are smaller than in some other studies. Still, 2. 4 million youth ages 16 through 24—or 6. 1% of this population—met the definition of disconnected in 2014,meaning that they were not in school or working for all of 2013 and at some point between February and April of 2014. Between 1988 and 2014, the rate of disconnection fluctuated between 3.9% (1999 and 2000) and 7.5% (2010). As expected, rates of disconnection have varied over time depending on economic cycles.”

CRS – How Treasury Issues Debt

How Treasury Issues Debt – Grant A. Driessen, Analyst in Public Finance. October 1, 2015. “The U.S. Department of the Treasury (Treasury), among other roles, manages the country’s debt. The primary objective of Treasury’s debt management strategy is to finance the government’s borrowing needs at the lowest cost over time. To accomplish this Treasury adheres… Continue Reading

Blog Series: Has U.S. Corporate Bond Market Liquidity Deteriorated?

New York Fed – October 05, 2015. Introduction to a Series on Market Liquidity: Part 2. Tobias Adrian, Michael Fleming, and Ernst Schaumburg “Market participants and policymakers have raised concerns about the potential adverse effects of financial regulation on market liquidity—the ability to buy and sell securities quickly, at any time, at minimal cost. Market… Continue Reading

Swedish crime writer best known for his Kurt Wallander books, dedicated political activist

The Guardian – Henning Mankell obituary “Henning Mankell, who has died aged 67, after being diagnosed with cancer last year, established almost single-handedly the global picture of Sweden as a crime writer’s ideal dystopia. He took the existing Swedish tradition of crime writing as a form of leftwing social criticism and gave it international recognition,… Continue Reading

South Korea imports most of its energy demand

EIA:  “South Korea relies on imports to meet about 97% of its total primary energy consumption as a result of insufficient domestic resources. The country is one of the world’s leading energy importers.” “South Korea was the world’s ninth-largest energy consumer in 2014, according to estimates from the BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2015.… Continue Reading

Cross-border financial linkages: challenges for monetary policy and financial stability

Cross-border financial linkages: challenges for monetary policy and financial stability. BIS Papers No 82. October 2015. “Ever more extensive global financial linkages are changing in ways that have significant implications for policy. Asia-Pacific countries have experienced a particularly rapid growth in financial flows since the crisis. Against this background, the BIS’s Representative Office for Asia… Continue Reading

The impact of CCPs’ margin policies on repo markets

The impact of CCPs’ margin policies on repo markets by Arianna Miglietta, Cristina Picillo and Mario Pietrunti. Working Papers No 515. October 2015. “This paper quantifies the impact on the cost of funding in repo markets of the initial margins applied by central clearing counterparties (CCPs). We use contract-level data on the general collateral (GC)… Continue Reading

Economic Census Data on Accommodations and Food Services

“The 2012 Economic Census concludes the Geographic Area Series for accommodation and food services. The accommodation and food services sector includes establishments primarily engaged in providing customers with lodging and/or preparing meals, snacks and beverages for immediate consumption. Geographic Area Series data are presented for the nation, states, combined statistical areas, metropolitan statistical areas, counties… Continue Reading

GAO Report – US Postal Service Delivery Performance

U.S. Postal Service: Actions Needed to Make Delivery Performance Information More Complete, Useful, and Transparent, GAO-15-756: Published: Sep 30, 2015. Publicly Released: Oct 5, 2015. “U.S. Postal Service (USPS) measurement of on-time delivery performance has expanded greatly over the past 9 years, but remains incomplete because only 55 percent of market-dominant mail (primarily First-Class Mail,… Continue Reading