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Daily Archives: October 8, 2015

State Capacity, Minority Shareholder Protections, and Stock Market Development

Via Knowledge@Wharton – “In their paper, “State Capacity, Minority Shareholder Protections, and Stock Market Development,” Guillen and INSEAD professor Laurence Capron evaluated current and historical legislation in more than 70 countries with both established and emerging markets and found that it’s not enough for countries to have legal provisions in place. There also must be a mechanism for enforcement for these provisions to be most effective. While the data is important for policy makers, it also matters to everyday citizens who want to make informed decisions about investing. For that reason, Guillen and Capron have made the data available for a free download.”

Minutes of FOMC, September 16-17, 2015

Staff Review of the Financial Situation – “Although U.S. economic data releases generally met market expectations, domestic financial conditions tightened modestly as concerns about prospects for global economic growth, centered on China, prompted an increase in financial market volatility and a deterioration in risk sentiment during the intermeeting period. Stock market indexes in most advanced… Continue Reading

Changes in the Arctic: Background and Issues for Congress

CRS – Changes in the Arctic: Background and Issues for Congress. Ronald O’Rourke, Coordinator Specialist in Naval Affairs, October 2, 2015. “The diminishment of Arctic sea ice has led to increased human activities in the Arctic, and has  heightened interest in, and concerns about, the region’s future. The United States, by virtue of Alaska, is an Arctic country and has… Continue Reading

Short Term Energy and Winter Fuels Outlook

“EIA projects average U.S. household expenditures for natural gas, heating oil, and propane during the upcoming winter heating season (October 1 through March 31) will be 10%, 25%, and 18% lower, respectively, than last winter, because of lower fuel prices and lower heating demand. Forecast lower heating demand and relatively unchanged prices contribute to electricity… Continue Reading

GAO Reports – Diplomatic Security, Maritime Cybersecurity, Space Situational Awareness, USAID

Diplomatic Security: Options for Locating a Consolidated Training Facility, GAO-16-139T: Published: Oct 8, 2015. Publicly Released: Oct 8, 2015. Maritime Critical Infrastructure Protection: DHS Needs to Enhance Efforts to Address Port Cybersecurity, GAO-16-116T: Published: Oct 8, 2015. Publicly Released: Oct 8, 2015. Space Situational Awareness: Status of Efforts and Planned Budgets, GAO-16-6R: Published: Oct 8, 2015. Publicly Released: Oct 8, 2015.… Continue Reading

First Look at the Proposed Fraudulent Joinder Prevention Act of 2015

Hellman, Arthur D., A First Look at the Proposed ‘Fraudulent Joinder Prevention Act of 2015’ (October 5, 2015). Hearing Before the House Committee on the Judiciary – Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice, September 29, 2015; U. of Pittsburgh Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2015-35. Available for download at SSRN: “Almost half a century… Continue Reading

Berkman Question Tool -simple web tool spurs discussion and buy-in

This article was orginally posted on the Harvard Law School Case Studies Blog. By Elizabeth Moroney What do you get when you cross a brainstorming meeting with Reddit? The Berkman Center for Internet & Society has taken the best of online forums and crowdsourcing to offer a simple web tool for online or blended discussion. The Berkman Question Tool is a… Continue Reading