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Daily Archives: November 2, 2015

New on LLRX – Unpacking and overcoming “edutainment” in library instruction

Via LLRX.comUnpacking and overcoming “edutainment” in library instruction – Within our field, and more widely, there is a way of thinking that equates effective teaching with effective entertaining. This way of thinking can be referred to as a “discourse of edutainment.” It underpins some of the publications and conversations that encourage librarians to make their teaching more entertaining, for example by playing improv games or adding humour. In this article, Sarah Polkinghorne examines the edutainment discourse in three ways. First, she identifies and analyses it. Next, she connect it to larger concerns, such as creating significant learning experiences and wrestling with public speaking fear. To conclude she describe several concepts from the performing arts that could better support librarians working to teach in ways that are as engaging, significant, and enjoyable as possible.

New on LLRX – Google’s A/B Testing Method is Being Applied to Improve Government Operations

Via – Google’s A/B Testing Method is Being Applied to Improve Government Operations – Alan Rothman discusses and documents a method of testing used in the private sector that also has significant in public sector applications – the process called “A/B testing.” Users are shown two nearly identical versions of something with one of… Continue Reading

Yale MeSH Analyzer – Free Web Search Tool

Searching for Excellence at the NAHSL Conference Blog Post by Hongjie Wang October 23, 2015 “The Yale MeSH Analyzer,” a new web-based search tool introduced at the [2015 North Atlantic Health Sciences Libraries] meeting Contributed Papers Session by Holly Grossetta Nardini and Lei Wang, took us all by storm.  This excellent MeSH Analyzer saves time… Continue Reading

Harvard’s Groundbreaking Project Documenting Online Content Removals Changes Name to Lumen

News release: “Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society is pleased to announce exciting changes to our pioneering Chilling Effects project, including an expanded mission and a new set of international research partnerships. To better reflect this evolution in scope as well as the changes in the landscape over the fourteen years since it… Continue Reading

SIGAR’s 29th Quarterly Report – Status of U.S Reconstruction Effort in Afghanistan

Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction Quarterly Report to the United States Congress, October 30, 2015. “As of March 31, 2015, approximately $110 billion had been appropriated for Afghanistan relief and reconstruction since 2002. These funds are used to build the Afghan National Security Forces, promote good governance, conduct development assistance, and engage in counter-narcotics… Continue Reading

Report – The Uneven Housing Recovery

Center for American Progress, Michela Zonta and Sarah Edelman | November 2, 2015: “The Great Recession, which began with the collapse of U.S. home prices in 2007, resulted in an enormous number of households with negative equity. Housing prices dropped nationally by 35 percent during the collapse. As home values fell, the mortgage debt obligations of millions of American… Continue Reading