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Daily Archives: November 6, 2015

24/7 Wall Street – Countries Spending Most on Health Care

“Globally, health care spending has increased dramatically since 1980. However, while health care spending increased faster than the economic growth in the late 1990s and early 2000s, it slowed with the onset of the recession in 2009. Based on a recent report, the countries spending the most on health care today allocate between 8.9% and 16.4% of their total gross domestic product (GDP) to health care costs. Based on “Health at a Glance 2015” from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), 24/7 Wall St. reviewed annual per capita health care expenditures in countries around the world. The United States spends about $8,713 per person on health care annually, by far the most of any country in the world. By contrast, many countries, including Turkey and India, spend less than $1,000 on health care per person annually.”

Is Britain Fairer? The state of equality and human rights 2015

Is Britain Fairer? The state of equality and human rights 2015. Presented to Parliament pursuant to Section 12 of the Equality Act 2006 as amended by the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013. October 2015. “We have gathered data and evidence based around 10 domains: education; standard of living; productive and valued activities; health; life;… Continue Reading

Strategic Plan 2016–19 – Federal Reserve

“In addition to investing in ongoing operations, the Board will prioritize investments and dedicate sufficient resources to six pillars over the 2016–19 period, which will allow the Board to advance its mission and respond to these continuing and evolving challenges. The six pillars are •Project development and resource allocation. Improve project management capabilities and align… Continue Reading

Payroll employment rises by 271,000 in October; jobless rate essentially unchanged at 5%

BLS – Employment Situation Summary October 2015: “Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 271,000 in October, and the unemployment rate was essentially unchanged at 5.0 percent. Job gains occurred in professional and business services, health care, retail trade, food services and drinking places, and construction.” Continue Reading

GAO Reports – Internal controls audit at Udall Foundation, Audit of Airport and Airway, Highway Trust Funds

Internal Controls: The Morris K. Udall and Stewart L. Udall Foundation Has Made Significant Progress but Needs to Fully Document Certain Policies and Procedures, GAO-16-52: Published: Nov 6, 2015. Publicly Released: Nov 6, 2015: “GAO recommends that the Foundation (1) fully document its internal control policies and procedures related to the hiring and separation of… Continue Reading

Vanguard Examines 401(k) Behavior/Outcome Gender Paradox

“Vanguard examined gender differences in participants of defined contribution (DC) plans, finding that women exhibit better savings behaviors but trail men in outcomes. A new white paper reviewed participation, savings rates, and investments to investigate the substantial imbalance in 401(k) wealth accumulation for men and women. Despite the seemingly equalizing influences of autopilot plan design,… Continue Reading

UK Draft Investigatory Powers Bill

Draft Investigatory Powers Bill Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for the Home Department by Command of Her Majesty November 2015 – 299 pages: “The provisions in the draft Bill are the product of discussion with industry, academia, technical experts and civil liberties groups. They seek to protect both privacy and security by… Continue Reading

LawLib is a free law library for your Apple products

“LawLibe™ is a law library for your iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod Touch®. LawLibe™ is a free app that comes preloaded with the U.S. Constitution. Then you can download additional legal content directly into the app, including the U.S. Code, Code of Federal Regulations, State Statutes, the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure, and more! Features: •… Continue Reading

Controlling Internet Infrastructure, Parts 1 and 2

Via OTI – “The Open Technology Institute at New America is committed to freedom and social justice in the digital age. To achieve these goals, it intervenes in traditional policy debates, builds technology, and deploys tools with communities.” Controlling Internet Infrastructure. The “IANA Transition” and Why It Matters for the Future of the Internet, Part… Continue Reading

Ranking Digital Rights Spotlights Corporate Practices Around Privacy, Freedom of Expression

“Many of the world’s most powerful Internet and telecommunications companies are not doing enough to respect basic user rights, according to new research released today. Even the companies that ranked highest are missing the mark in some ways, and improvements are needed across the board to demonstrate a greater commitment to users’ freedom of expression… Continue Reading

Small study focused on worrying about bad news has good news – law school grads

Via PubMed – Two Definitions of Waiting Well. Sweeny K, Reynolds CA, Falkenstein A, Andrews SE, Dooley MD. “Waiting for uncertain news is often distressing, at times even more distressing than facing bad news. The goal of this article was to investigate strategies for “waiting well” during these periods of uncertainty. Specifically, we propose 2… Continue Reading

Able Archer Sourcebook Declassified Pages on 1983 War Scare

“Thirty-two years ago, a NATO nuclear release exercise named Able Archer 83 “may have inadvertently placed our relations with the Soviet Union on a hair trigger,” according to an above-Top Secret President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board report released last month to the National Security Archive after a twelve-year fight.  The release sparked extensive media coverage… Continue Reading