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Daily Archives: November 10, 2015

Hacking as a business model against financial institutions

New York Times – Prosecutors Announce More Charges in Hacking of JPMorgan Chase: “Billing it as the largest hacking case ever uncovered, federal prosecutors in Manhattan on Tuesday described a global, multiyear scheme to steal information on 100 million customers of a dozen companies in the United States and use the data to advance stock manipulation activities, illicit online gambling and fraud. Prosecutors said they uncovered the complex scheme in their investigation of a computer hacking last year at JPMorgan Chase that involved the breach of contact information, such as emails, from 83 million customer accounts. Before long, investigators had uncovered a trail of 75 shell companies and a hacking scheme in which the three defendants used 30 false passports from 17 different countries. The group’s activity goes back as far as 2007, and it has reaped “hundreds of millions of dollars in illicit proceeds,” some of it hidden in Swiss accounts and other bank accounts, prosecutors said.”

Treasury Launches

“Instead of building the future and getting feedback from users after the launch, Treasury took the innovative approach of launching in November 2015 to gather your recommendations and suggestions on the features you want in the final iteration. Based on forum and email feedback, Treasury will add new features and functionalities on a… Continue Reading

Mapping Attempts to Craft an Internet Bill of Rights

Towards Digital Constitutionalism? Mapping Attempts to Craft an Internet Bill of Rights. Lex Gil, Dennis Redeker, Urs Gasser. November 9, 2015. Available for download via SSRN. “The idea of an “Internet Bill of Rights” is by no means a new one: in fact, serious efforts to draft such a document can be traced at least… Continue Reading

GAO Reports – Federal Judiciary, OFS Audit, Foster Care

Federal Judiciary: Improved Cost Savings Estimates Could Help Better Assess Cost Containment Efforts, GAO-16-97: Published: Nov 10, 2015. Publicly Released: Nov 10, 2015. Financial Audit: Office of Financial Stability (Troubled Asset Relief Program) Fiscal Years 2015 and 2014 Financial Statements, GAO-16-147R: Published: Nov 10, 2015. Publicly Released: Nov 10, 2015. Foster Care: HHS Could Do… Continue Reading

Study – lower blood pressure results in better health outcomes

A Randomized Trial of Intensive versus Standard Blood-Pressure Control, Published on November 9, 2015, at DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1511939. “The most appropriate targets for systolic blood pressure to reduce cardiovascular morbidity and mortality among persons without diabetes remain uncertain. METHODS We randomly assigned 9361 persons with a systolic blood pressure of 130 mm Hg or higher… Continue Reading

ECB publishes new statistical report on Household Sector

“The European Central Bank (ECB) is today publishing a new quarterly Household Sector Report. The statistical compilation focuses on the household sector in the euro area as a whole and in each of the 19 euro area countries. It shows the private households’ economic and financial behaviour, from the point when income is generated, through… Continue Reading