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Daily Archives: January 2, 2016

Repositories with Direct Representation

Repositories with Direct Representation, by Robert Burnell Allen (Submitted on 30 Dec 2015) “A new generation of digital repositories could be based on direct representation of the contents with rich semantics and models rather than be collections of documents. The contents of such repositories would be highly structured which should help users to focus on meaningful relationships of the contents. These repositories would implement earlier proposals for model-oriented information organization by extending current work on ontologies to cover state changes, instances, and scenarios. They could also apply other approaches such as object-oriented design and frame semantics. In addition to semantics, the representation needs to allow for discourse and repository knowledge-support services and policies. For instance, the knowledge base would need to be systematically updated as new findings and theories reshape it.”

FDR Presidential Library – New Digital Speech Collections

Mary E. Stuckey – “The FDR Library, with support from AT&T, Marist College and the Roosevelt Institute launches online one of its most in-demand archival collections – FDR’s Master Speech File – over 46,000 pages of drafts, reading copies, and transcripts created throughout FDR’s political career. Presented alongside the Speech File is the Library’s complete digital collection of Recorded… Continue Reading

Unabated LA area gas leak compared to BP oil spill

Los Angeles Daily News, Susan Abram – “Eight weeks after that call was made, the leak continues. It has caused massive disruption in the northwestern San Fernando Valley community of Porter Ranch, an affluent community of nearly 31,000 residents about 28 miles from downtown Los Angeles. More than 1,800 families have been relocated by the… Continue Reading

Long-term unemployment increased disproportionately for older women after the Great Recession

Alexander Monge-Naranjo and Faisal Sohail, “Age and Gender Differences in Long-Term Unemployment: Before and After the Great Recession,” Economic Synopses, No. 26, 2015. “The Great Recession caused a surge in unemployment. In the last quarter of 2009, the unemployment rate reached its peak at 9.9 percent. At that time, the average duration of unemployment spells… Continue Reading