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Daily Archives: January 14, 2016

Operationalizing Cybersecurity Due Diligence: A Transatlantic Comparative Case Study

Shackelford, Scott and Russell, Scott, Operationalizing Cybersecurity Due Diligence: A Transatlantic Comparative Case Study (January 12, 2016). South Carolina Law Review, 2016. Available for download at SSRN:

“Although much work has been done on applying the law of warfare to cyber attacks, far less attention has been paid to defining a law of cyber peace applicable below the armed attack threshold. Among the most important unanswered questions is what exactly nations’ due diligence obligations are to one another and to the private sector, as well as how these obligations should be translated into policy. In this Article, we analyze how both the United States and the European Union are operationalizing the concept of cybersecurity due diligence, and then move on to investigate a menu of options presented to the European Parliament in November 2015 by the authors to further refine and apply this concept.”

GAO Reports – Drug Safety, Emerging Animal Diseases, Federally Leased Vehicles, National Park Service, 2015 Tax Filing Season

Drug Safety: FDA Expedites Many Applications, But Data for Postapproval Oversight Need Improvement, GAO-16-192: Published: Dec 15, 2015. Publicly Released: Jan 14, 2016. Emerging Animal Diseases: Actions Needed to Better Position USDA to Address Future Risks, GAO-16-132: Published: Dec 15, 2015. Publicly Released: Jan 14, 2016. Federally Leased Vehicles: Agencies Should Strengthen Assessment Processes to… Continue Reading

Pew – Privacy and Information Sharing

“Most Americans see privacy issues in commercial settings as contingent and context-dependent. A new Pew Research Center study based on a survey of 461 U.S. adults and nine online focus groups of 80 people finds that there are a variety of circumstances under which many Americans would share personal information or permit surveillance in return… Continue Reading

Federal Reserve Board Beige Book January 2016

“Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions by Federal Reserve District – Prepared at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and based on information collected on or before January 4, 2016. This document summarizes comments received from businesses and other contacts outside the Federal Reserve and is not a commentary on the views of Federal… Continue Reading

GPO Digitizing the Federal Register

This announcement was made in October 2015: “We’re excited to announce that we will be digitizing the remaining Federal Register collection from 1936 to 1994 in the coming months! In partnership with the Government Publishing Office (GPO), the collection will be processed by decade, beginning with 1990-1994. The digital collection will be released in stages as each… Continue Reading