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Daily Archives: January 13, 2016

24/7 Wall Street – The Safest States in America

24/7 Wall Street – “Contrary to popular opinion, violent crime is on the decline. Since 1995, violent crime in the United States has decreased by nearly half from 685 incidents per 100,000 Americans to 366 incidents per 100,000 Americans today, according to estimates released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Since 2010, the violent crime rate has dropped by 9.4%. In some states, crime rates have declined by more than twice the national drop. Vermont has the lowest violent crime rate in the country, with just 99.3 incidents per 100,000 residents. The state’s violent crime rate also declined the most, with the number of incidents dropping by 23.7% since 2010.”

Between Openness and Privacy in Genomics

Vayena E, Gasser U (January 2016) Between Openness and Privacy in Genomics. PLoS Med 13(1): e1001937. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1001937 – “In this report, the authors examine the questions around access to genomic data. They argue that the real breakthrough in reconciling privacy and openness in genomics requires confronting head-on some fundamentally normative tensions that are escalated in… Continue Reading

CRS – Big Data in U.S. Agriculture

Big Data in U.S. Agriculture, Megan Stubbs, Specialist in Agricultural Conservation and Natural Resources Policy. January 6, 2016 – “Recent media and industry reports have employed the term big data as a key to the future of increased food production and sustainable agriculture. A recent hearing on the private elements of big data in agriculture… Continue Reading

CRS – Separation of Powers: An Overview

Separation of Powers: An Overview. Matthew E. Glassman, Analyst on the Congress. January 8, 2016. “Congress’s role and operation in national politics is fundamentally shaped by the design and structure of the governing institution in the Constitution. One of the key principles of the Constitution is separation of powers. The doctrine is rooted in a… Continue Reading

CRS – Juvenile Justice Funding Trends

Juvenile Justice Funding Trends. Kristin Finklea, Specialist in Domestic Security. January 8, 2016. “Although juvenile justice has always been administered by the states, Congress has had significant influence in the area through funding for grant programs administered by the Department of Justice’s (DOJ’s) Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). The Juvenile Justice and… Continue Reading

CRS – The Federal Cybersecurity Workforce

The Federal Cybersecurity Workforce: Background and Congressional Oversight Issues for the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security. Kathryn A. Francis, Analyst in Government Organization and Management; Wendy Ginsberg Analyst in American National Government. January 8, 2016. “The federal cybersecurity workforce is responsible for protecting U.S. government systems and networks against cyber threats and attacks. Federal… Continue Reading

Congressional Record State of the Union Address 2016

[Congressional Record Volume 162, Number 7 (Tuesday, January 12, 2016)] [House] [Pages H324-H329] From the Congressional Record Online through the Government Publishing Office President Barak Obama – “…But for my final address to this Chamber, I don’t want to just talk about next year. I want to focus on the next 5 years, the next… Continue Reading

New Survey of U.S. Bilateral Repo Market: A Snapshot of Broker-Dealer Activity

Federal Reserve Bank of New York – A New Survey of the U.S. Bilateral Repo Market: A Snapshot of Broker-Dealer Activity. Viktoria Baklanova, Cecilia Caglio, Marco Cipriani, and Adam Copeland. January 2016. Number 758. “We provide aggregate statistics on U.S. dealers’ bilateral repurchase agreements and economically equivalent securities lending activities. The data were collected from… Continue Reading

GAO Reports – Federal Real Property, Iranian Commercial Activities, IRS Return Selection

Federal Real Property: GSA Could Decrease Leasing Costs by Encouraging Competition and Reducing Unneeded Fees, GAO-16-188: Published: Jan 13, 2016. Publicly Released: Jan 13, 2016. Iranian Commercial Activities: Update on Foreign Firms Reported to Have Engaged in Iran’s Energy or Communications Sectors, GAO-16-247R: Published: Jan 13, 2016. Publicly Released: Jan 13, 2016. IRS Return Selection:… Continue Reading