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Daily Archives: December 15, 2019

LC – U.S. Telephone Directory Collection

“The Library of Congress’s collection of telephone directories represents the following states and localities: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and the city of Chicago. The dates of the directories span most of the 20th century. The Library’s United States telephone directory collection consists of 8,327 digitized reels of microfilm; of these, about 3,500 are presented in this collection. The remainder of the collection may be requested from the Microform Reader Services (LJ 139).”

Assessing employer intent when AI hiring tools are biased

This report from The Brookings Institution’s Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technology (AIET) Initiative is part of “AI and Bias,” a series that explores ways to mitigate possible biases and create a pathway toward greater fairness in AI and emerging technologies. “When it comes to gender stereotypes in occupational roles, artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to either… Continue Reading

How the 1% Scrubs Its Image Online [paywall]:  “Prominent figures from Jacob Gottlieb to Betsy DeVos got help from a reputation management firm that can bury image-sensitive Google results by placing flattering content on websites that masquerade as news outlets..Jacob Gottlieb was considering raising money for a hedge fund. One problem: His last one had collapsed in a scandal. While Mr.… Continue Reading

Microsoft Edge Chromium – a viable alternative to Chrome and Firefox

Android Authority – “Microsoft hasn’t had the best reputation when it comes to web browsers. For the past half-decade, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge have played second fiddle to Google Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox, often serving no other purpose than to install these rival browsers. In a bid to win back some share of the… Continue Reading

Bowdoin LibGuide Congressional Documents on Impeachment

Barbara Levergood. Data Services Librarian, Bowdoin College is the author of a comprehensive, detailed and timely LibGuide resource – Congressional Documents: Impeachment – A selection of materials about and documenting the major events in the impeachment (House) and trial (Senate) of a U.S. President.  She calls out this specific reference – The oath before the… Continue Reading

The very big recycling myth and microplastic found in snow around the globe

The New York Times – The Great Recycling Con – The greatest trick corporations ever played was making us think we could recycle their products. “In the Video Op-Ed, we debunk a recycling myth that has lulled us into guilt-free consumption for decades.This holiday season, the United States Postal Service expects to ship almost one… Continue Reading

AALS Section on Balance in Legal Education

Via Mary Whisner – The webinar’s recording will be posted on the Section on Balance in Legal Education site. The speaker was Heidi E. Ramos-Zimmerman, who wrote The Need to Revisit Legal Education in an Era of Increased Diagnoses of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity and Autism Spectrum Disorders, 123 Dick. L. Rev. 113 (2018), You might be… Continue Reading