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Daily Archives: August 17, 2020

Webinar Recap: How to Safeguard Your Law Firm Against Future Disruption

Via LLRXWebinar Recap: How to Safeguard Your Law Firm Against Future Disruption – As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to surge in various parts of the country, you’re no doubt facing uncertainties on how and when to reopen your law firm. You’re also likely wondering about the future of your law firm and its book of business. One way to directly address these concerns is to prioritize preparing your firm for whatever may come. Whether it’s a pandemic or economic downturn, pre-emptive protocols and a strong technology foundation will help you maintain business continuity in the event of future disruption. Is your firm ready? If not, there’s no better time to ensure that you’re protected, and this free webinar and accompanying transcript by Nicole L. Black, are excellent resources to help you mitigate an over abundance of challenges.

The best laptop docking stations: Your essential accessory for working from home

ZDNet: “When the world turned upside down in early 2020, many of us went home for what we thought would be a brief break from office life. Instead, it’s turned into a long-term commitment to remotely working. If you have kids, they’re also doing remote schoolwork, going to classes on a computer screen. Mastering remote work… Continue Reading

Cybersecurity expert – safest voting method is using paper

Bloomberg: “Election voting is the cybersecurity industry’s most difficult challenge, and casting ballots on paper is the safest option against any digital disruptions, says CrowdStrike Holdings co-founder and former Chief Technology Officer Dmitri Alperovitch. “Voting is the hardest thing to secure when it comes to cybersecurity,” Alperovitch said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday.… Continue Reading

As pandemic rages, Facebook distributes dangerous health misinformation on a massive scale

Popular Info: “Facebook talks a lot about its efforts to “keep people safe and informed about the coronavirus.” According to the company, it is “connecting people to credible information,” “combating COVID-19 misinformation,” and “supporting fact-checkers…So that’s what Facebook says. But how successful has the company been at combating misinformation about COVID and other health issues?… Continue Reading

Remote work is changing how productivity is measured

FastCompany: “In March 2020, the largest “work-from-home” experiment in history began. The moment entire companies moved their workforces remote, business owners and employees alike both started to realize new realities about their jobs. For years, people had been told, “It’s essential for you to be in the office,” only to suddenly realize that being in… Continue Reading

Explore the Bound Congressional Record on

In Custodia Legis – Library of Congress: “We are excited to start adding the volumes of the Congressional Record (Bound Edition) (also referred to as the “Bound Congressional Record”) to If you’re not familiar with the Congressional Record, it is a record of the debate and proceedings that occur on the floor of Congress. It… Continue Reading