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Daily Archives: February 20, 2022

How to generate secure passwords for your accounts

TechRepublic: “One of the best ways to protect your online and internal accounts is to devise unique and complex passwords. A password manager is your best bet for doing this. But if you don’t have a password manager, another option is to use an online password generator. These sites cook up random and strong passwords that you can apply to your own accounts. At most password generator sites, you’re able to control the type of password created by specifying a length and choosing whether to incorporate numbers, symbols and special characters. Here are six password generators that can help you create secure passwords for any type of account…”

Court Blocks Maryland’s Library E-book Law

Publishers Weekly: “In a rebuke to Maryland state legislators, a federal judge has granted the Association of American Publishers’ motion for a preliminary injunction, blocking Maryland officials from enforcing the state’s new library e-book law. “It is clear the Maryland Act likely stands as an obstacle to the accomplishment of the purposes and objectives of… Continue Reading

Facial recognition firm Clearview AI tells investors it’s seeking massive expansion beyond law enforcement

Washington Post via MSN: “The facial recognition company Clearview AI is telling investors it is on track to have 100 billion facial photos in its database within a year, enough to ensure “almost everyone in the world will be identifiable,” according to a financial presentation from December obtained by The Washington Post. Those images —… Continue Reading

Study – Social media echo chambers spread vaccine misinformation

Source: Bjarke Mønsted et al, Characterizing polarization in online vaccine discourse—A large-scale study, PLOS ONE (2022). DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0263746 “Vaccine hesitancy is currently recognized by the WHO as a major threat to global health. Recently, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a growing interest in the role of social media in the propagation of… Continue Reading

Radar Interference Tracker: A New Open Source Tool to Locate Active Military Radar Systems

bellingcat: “The Radar Interference Tracker (RIT) is a new tool created by Ollie Ballinger that allows anyone to search for and potentially locate active military radar systems anywhere on earth. Click here to access the tool and read on for a full description of  how to use it (as well as learning about the fascinating research… Continue Reading

AI-synthesized faces are indistinguishable from real faces and more trustworthy

AI-synthesized faces are indistinguishable from real faces and more trustworthy. PNAS February 22, 2022 119 (8) e2120481119; “Artificial intelligence (AI)–synthesized text, audio, image, and video are being weaponized for the purposes of nonconsensual intimate imagery, financial fraud, and disinformation campaigns. Our evaluation of the photorealism of AI-synthesized faces indicates that synthesis engines have passed… Continue Reading