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Daily Archives: February 24, 2022

In the world’s first crypto war uncertainty about who will benefit

Washington Post: “Both sides have embraced cryptocurrency. But its wartime utility is unclear…There is the $400,000 in cryptocurrency donations raised by a Kyiv IT professional to support the Ukrainian army. There are calls from Western cryptocurrency activists to mobilize on behalf of the Ukrainian people. And there are fears that Russia could use cryptocurrency to avoid the effects of Western sanctions. As Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces mount an invasion against Ukraine, two economies that have led the way in embracing the new form of digital money are each turning to it to gain an edge in the geopolitical showdown. The first major conflict of the crypto era also means that, for the first time ever, a tool that can move billions of dollars easily across borders is available to be marshaled by both sides.

Because there is no central controller who can impose their morals on its user, crypto can be used to crowdfund for the Ukrainian army or help Russia evade sanctions,” said Tom Robinson, chief scientist and co-founder at the crypto analytics firm Elliptic. “No one can really prevent it from being used in either way.”…

On Google Maps, tracking the invasion of Ukraine

Washington Post: “[Jeffrey Lewis – Lewis, a professor specializing in arms control and nonproliferation at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, Calif.,] sleuthing helps demonstrate how technology — and specifically Google Maps — is making it so people even far away can see in real time what’s happening , all the way down… Continue Reading

How Biden defeated Putin’s Ukraine disinformation campaign

Quartz: “…As Putin and his allies have claimed, falsely, that Ukraine is committing genocide, controlled by Nazis, developing nuclear weapons, or launching attacks on pro-Russian civilians, the US has worked to “prebunk” these narratives, Harding says, arguing that “the final accounting is going to show that the strategy made Russia’s life much harder.” Our theory… Continue Reading

Artificial Intelligence in academic libraries: How new AI services can support your library users

Choice Media Central underwritten by Springer Nature [YouTube]: “In this webinar, we will introduce two AI initiatives from the Springer Nature Lab that provide benefits to library users, including readers, authors, and lecturers: AI-Generated Literature Overview as a Service: an auto-summarization tool with the aim of providing authors with a literature review. Scriptinator Content Discovery… Continue Reading

Arooj Aftab: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

Via Metafilter: “Arooj Aftab, who recently became the first Pakistani woman to be nominated for a Grammy, did a stunningly lovely and tranquil NPR Tiny Desk (Home) Concert in convent in Brooklyn late last year, singing in Urdu with a chamber ensemble that includes Celtic harpist Maeve Gilchrist, classical guitarist Gyan Riley, violinist Darian Donovan… Continue Reading

FEMA Hazard Mitigation: A First Step Toward Climate Adaptation

CRS Report – FEMA Hazard Mitigation: A First Step Toward Climate Adaptation Updated February 22, 2022: “With the increasing severity and frequency of natural disasters, attributed at least in part to climate change, policymakers often view mitigation funding as a way to control disaster-related spending. The importance of federal mitigation funding is illustrated by a… Continue Reading

The Persistence of QAnon in the Post-Trump Era: An Analysis of Who Believes the Conspiracies

PRRI Research – QAnon Beliefs and Believers: “The right-wing QAnon conspiracy movement emerged on the internet in late 2017. While followers of the QAnon movement claim a variety of different beliefs, the main threads of QAnon’s core theory are that a network of Satan-worshipping pedophiles control the government and media, and that a coming “storm”… Continue Reading

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine spotlights the urgent need for crypto policy

Fortune – Jacob Carpenter, Data Sheet: “For the vast majority of those watching the rapid rise of cryptocurrency, its emergence has been something of a curious novelty. Is crypto a high risk-reward investment? A shiny new tech toy? The future of money? A pyramid scheme? Russia’s nascent war against Ukraine, however, shows that it’s time… Continue Reading