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Daily Archives: October 24, 2022

How Customers Use Doorbell Cameras to Manage Delivery Workers

At the Digital Doorstep: How Customers Use Doorbell Cameras to Manage Delivery Workers, by Data & Society’s Labor Futures program director Aiha Nguyen and research analyst Eve Zelickson, offers insights into the changing nature of delivery work as a result of increased doorstep surveillance. Investigating the changing relationships between corporations, workers, and customers as a significant share of retail shifts from brick-and-mortar establishments to the doorstep, Nguyen and Zelickson focus on Amazon’s fleet of gig workers, known as Flex drivers, and the popular Amazon Ring home security camera. They draw on interviews with delivery drivers and video doorbell users from across the United States to explore how surveillance designed to protect private property is used to manage the workforce outside of it. At the Digital Doorstep documents the spread of a technology marketed as a safety and security tool, but whose primary use in practice is the monitoring, instruction, and punishment of workers by customers.”

Introducing Democracy’s Library

Internet Archives: “Democracies need an educated citizenry to thrive. In the 21st century, that means easy access to reliable information online for all.  To meet that need, the Internet Archive is building Democracy’s Library—a free, open, online compendium of government research and publications from around the world. “Governments have created an abundance of information and… Continue Reading

Wikimedia is adding features to make editing Wikipedia more fun

The Verge: “Wikipedia is one of the sturdiest survivors of the old web, as well as one of the most clearly human-powered ones, thanks to a multitude of editors making changes across the globe. But after celebrating the site’s 20th birthday last year, the Wikimedia Foundation is turning to new — and more heavily automated… Continue Reading

How the Supreme Court Failed to Stop the Brutal Relocation of Indigenous American Nations

LitHub: Excerpted from Indivisible: Daniel Webster and the Birth of American Nationalism by Joel Richard Paul. Copyright © 2022. Available from Riverhead Books, an imprint of Penguin Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House, LLC. Joel Richard Paul on the Legal Challenges to Racist Presidential Policy That Led to The Trail of Tears “…Nothing… Continue Reading

Should you log in with Facebook or Google on other sites or apps? Short answer: No.

Washington Post: “…This month, Facebook warned a million Facebook users their accounts might have been compromised by 400 malicious apps that were designed to trick them into handing over their Facebook log-in information. Criminals were making fake log-in buttons. And I’d like to share a doozy of a cautionary tale: A Washington Post reader wrote… Continue Reading

Scam apartment listings are everywhere. Here’s how to spot them.

Washington Post: Dodging fraudulent listings is creating extra stress for apartment-hunters. “But fake listings have telltale signs…Today, navigating real estate scams is part of the process for prospective renters looking for homes online. And the sustained spike in housing prices amid inflation and supply problems makes people more vulnerable as they scramble to find something… Continue Reading

The Top 19 Tools For Managing Social Media Accounts

Search Engine Journal: “Social media has become a massive part of brand marketing strategy. And managing multiple accounts can be pretty overwhelming. How do you stay organized? What tools should you use to manage social media accounts? Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, have evolved into a significant source of information for millions… Continue Reading

2022 Mathematics and Reading Report Cards at Grades 4 and 8

2022 Mathematics and Reading Report Cards at Grades 4 and 8 – Compared to 2019 (before the pandemic): Average scores declined in both subjects and grades. Average scores declined for most states in both subjects and grades. Students’ confidence in their mathematics and reading skills declined. Axios – “Wake-up call” education test results The New… Continue Reading

Working Dogs – Federal Agencies Need to Better Address Health and Welfare

Working Dogs: Federal Agencies Need to Better Address Health and Welfare – GAO-23-104489 Published: Oct 19, 2022. Publicly Released: Oct 19, 2022. “As of February 2022, about 5,100 working dogs served the federal government in 40 federally managed programs within eight departments and three independent agencies. In addition, approximately 400 working dogs served the federal… Continue Reading