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Daily Archives: May 3, 2023

5 Free AI Content Detectors (GPT / ChatGPT)

Hongkiat: “As the use of AI in content creation continues to rise, it has become increasingly challenging to differentiate AI-generated content from human-written content. Fortunately, free AI content detectors are now available to help us distinguish between the two. These detectors use machine learning models like GPT and ChatGPT to analyze text and determine the likelihood of it being generated by AI. In this article, we’ll introduce you to five of the best (and free) AI content detectors available online. With just a simple copy and paste, these tools can identify whether humans wrote your content or has gotten some help from AI writting tools…”

Google Announces 8 New Top Level Domains Including One For Lawyers

Search Engine Journal: “Google announced the release of eight new top level domains (TLDs), including one which may have a high commercial potential for law firms, others that are useful for academics and two top level domains that are based on file extensions, which might be problematic from a security standpoint..” Continue Reading

Meet the Law Schools Leading the Way in Innovation

Bloomberg Law ($): “As law firms, businesses, and their clients adapt to the new realities of the legal and business worlds, law schools must prepare students in new ways—beyond traditional law school curricula and teaching methods—to give students an experience and education that better prepares them for their post-graduation careers. Bloomberg Law launched its inaugural… Continue Reading

CRISK: Measuring the Climate Risk Exposure of the Financial System

New York Fed – Liberty Street Economics, Hyeyoon Jung: “A growing number of climate-related policies have been adopted globally in the past thirty years (see chart below). The risk to economic activity from changes in policies in response to climate risks, such as carbon taxes and green subsidies, is often referred to as transition risk.… Continue Reading

How to Check if You’ve Installed Apple’s Rapid Security Response Upd

MakeUseOf: “Apple regularly updates its operating systems across the board, which are provided as major updates or point updates. However, the company also has special updates called Rapid Security Response updates.These updates are meant to fix critical bugs that malicious actors could exploit. It’s, therefore, essential to update your device as soon as you get… Continue Reading

Does Googling Justice Work? Auditing Search Engines’ Performance as Intermediaries of Legal Help Online

Hagan, Margaret and Al Haider, Nóra, Does Googling Justice Work? Auditing Search Engines’ Performance as Intermediaries of Legal Help Online (October 10, 2022). UCLA Journal of Law & Technology, Forthcoming, Available at SSRN: “Online search engines are key providers of legal information. Their responses to people’s search queries can influence whether and how people… Continue Reading

The Survey Is Dead; Long Live the Survey: Can ChatGPT Replace Traditional Research Surveys?

RIPS Law Librarian Blog – Iantha Haight: “Our library recently hosted a guest speaker, David Wingate, a professor in BYU’s computer science department who does research on large language models, for a faculty lunch and learn. The entire presentation was fascinating, but the most intriguing part for me and many of the law faculty in… Continue Reading

You Can’t Trust Your Browser’s ‘Lock’ to Tell You a Website Is Safe

Lifehacker – “Google is doing away with the lock, because it never meant what you thought it meant. When you browse the internet, you probably notice a small lock icon that appears in the URL bar. It’s common internet security advice to look for this lock whenever visiting a new site, to make sure your… Continue Reading